My Brush With A Great Human Being…

I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain. I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end.
I’ve seen lonely times when I could not find a friend, but I always thought that I’d see you again.
-James Taylor

SPF had to be twisted for me this Friday.

I talked to my mother tonight and she told me that my friend, Bob Thomas had died. I know there won’t be a time when I pull into the Albertson’s parking lot and remember the shock of those words flooding through me.

Bob and I worked together at the radio station in Redding for a couple of years. During that time we created a friendship that I valued.
I would call him on Saturday morning at 6:15am to remind him he was sposta be on the air at 6:00 am. He would mutter some profanities and promise me he would be in as soon as his car could get him there. I never minded, because Bob was just one of those people that would waddle into a room and make you laugh no matter what the circumstances were.
The funny part about doing his morning shift while he drove madly into the station was having to read the news. If I could screw up the word Kawasaki by saying Sourcocky, there was no way I could pronounce the names of foreign leaders in countries I had never even heard of. He would always come in cracking up and repeating the news as if it was being read by a 5th grader.
I would throw a cart (looked like a 8 track) at him and say, “Then get here before I have to read the news!!”

Through the years he watched me finish my radio stint and move to Sacramento. He always found a way to get in touch with me.
During my divorce with Dan he would offer to come up and keep me company while I cried about all the whoas in my life. He listened. He offered to marry me and take me away from all the madness. I know he was kidding with me to get me to laugh, but he would always end the conversation with, “Alright…how about this…” and would come up with some wild scheme to make us forget our problems.

One day he decided that he was going to ride his motorcycle all the way to Sacramento, a 3 hour drive, to take me to a Brooks and Dunn concert. I surprisingly took him up on the offer. We had a blast. He had a way with joking with people who were hurting that made them temporarily make them forget their problems. That whole day, I wanted to capture all the fun we were having and I took a bunch of pictures. I have one of him standing in front of a Limo parked out front like he was ushering me in, another with his burnt forehead and my dorky smile.

Bob got sick many years ago with a failing kidney and many other problems. There was a time when I would talk to him and I didn’t think he was going to make it another day. He needed so much help. I offered up my kidney, a bladder and a slice of my heart if it would make him better. He probably made a joke about just needing a breast or two.

I went to Redding where my family lives and just like every single trip to Redding I called him on my way and left him a message telling him to meet me for coffee. We talked on the phone and he sounded like his old self again. “Did you hear I had a heart attack?” I was floored. “It’s cool though, I feel SO much better!”
Finally the Bob I had grown to love with all my heart was back.

The last time I was up there he left me a message on my machine. It was some dorky message that made me laugh so I held on to it in my archives.
Just yesterday I was clearing out my messages and I stumbled on his message, I listened to only half of it, cracked a smile and hit delete.

Today I found out he died.

My heart is broken into a million pieces and I can’t stop myself from sobbing. I know, he’s in a better place. I just want to talk to him one more time.
The only thing I cling to is, that at the end of every single conversation with this wonderful man, awesome mentor and all around good human being is…I told him I loved him.
“I’ll talk to you later okay? I love you, Bob!”
and he would, from his heart say, “I love you too.”

Rest in Piece my friend.

I hope you played, but not like this.

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  • san

    Ok, this first comment was totally unnecessary – but it’s my first time being first ;)

    Kristine, I am so sorry for your loss. It seems like you have lost a dear friend – someone who you haven’t seen on a regular basis, but who was always THERE.

    I am so sorry. I can imagine how much you wish you didn’t delete his last message from your archive or that you had called him again, before it happened.


  • jessie

    But he sounds like such a wonderful guy, and youve got great memories of him. Plus youve given all of us some memories too. Sorry for your loss, he sounded great.

    I played

  • SuZan

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I understand the saddness of erasing that message. My sister died a few months ago and recetly I was cleaning out our messages and yes I had the message she left before the last time we talked. I’m thankful to have it even though I haven’t listened to it again.

    He does sound very special, I know that you are happy he was in your life.

    I played

  • mizmouth

    Thank you for sharing your memories of an amazing friend. I am so very sorry for your loss.

    I played today for the first time, but it doesn’t seem all that important right now.

    ((hugs)) to you . Take care of yourself…

  • Army of Mom

    Suddenly, playing SPF doesn’t seem as much fun. Bless your heart. I’m sorry for the loss of your friend. I played, but …. just damn. I’m sorry.

  • paula in ohio

    Take peace in knowing the memories you have of your friendship will always be in your heart and you have a new guardian angel watching over you. So sorry for your loss.

    Take care, Kristine.

  • Jenny B

    What a nice memory you have of your friend. We all need that type that has you laughing on the floor even when you shouldn’t be. I’m sorry he passed, but you’re right, he is in a better place.

    I played.

  • Kathy

    I’m so sorry about the loss of your friend. Thanks for sharing your memories. I hope they will get you through.

    Kathy in Tempe, AZ

    p.s. i played

  • Sheila

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. You have honored him with your memories. I will keep you and his family in my thoughts and prayers.

  • superchick

    It sounds to me like you have some amazing memories of your friend. You and he were both lucky to have each other in your lives. I’m sorry you lost him.

    I played.

  • Kristie

    Dear friends are precious. You will forever have him in your heart. How lucky you were to share in his life…and he yours. This is what true friendship is about….we should all be so lucky.

    I love you my friend.

  • Cheeky

    I learned a while back to tell those around me, that I care about, that I love them. I say it a lot, even when I am upset with them. I know you are missing your friend and feel a sense of loss but please take some comfort in knowing he knew you loved him and he loved you back!

  • Jean

    hi. yes, I put a brush up. I played, but not like this,.

    what a dear, cool, funny sweet man.
    you are so lucky you had him in your life.

    all love, jean

  • traci

    I am so sorry for your loss. The picture you posted is beautiful in so many ways. Thank you for sharing some memories of your dear friend. Peace.

  • barnmouse

    Oh I’m so sorry! My heart broke for you as I read your post. I wish there was something to do or say to make the hurt go away and to make you happy, but there just isn’t. Just know that our thoughts and prayers are with you. Remember the good times you had with your wonderful friend and know that as much as he meant to you, you meant just as much to him. **hugs**


  • Kelly

    I hope the many happy and wonderful memories help get you through this difficult loss. He sounds amazing. I am very sorry!

    I played. Have a great weekend!

  • Jenni

    Oh Kristine, I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful friend. The photo you posted, as well as your words broke my heart. It sounds as if you were truly blessed to be a part of each other’s lives.


    I played too, but definitely not like this.

  • Heather

    Kristine..I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. He does sound like an incredibly amazing person and I’m sure he knows just how much you love him. I wish I could send a hug to you across the virtual miles from here in Canada..the picture of you just broke my heart. Of course you are very sad and you definitely should grieve for him but try not to let it consume know he wouldn’t have wanted it that way.

  • Carrie

    I’m so very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. He sounds like a truly amazing and wonderful person that the world was lucky to have in it! (((HUGS)))

  • gypsygrrl

    i am sorry for your sudden loss of your friend… your friend sounds like a wonderful part of your life and your journey in this world. i am sure he will watch over you from now on…
    love ya,