Anxiety,  ex

So sorry…

I could go back to my last post and fix about 35 of my spelling errors and sentence fragments, but you know what? Screw it. I wrote that from the heart.
With my head phones on listening to music.
With all the realness I had in me.
The real me, sucks at spelling: sentence structure: coloring OUTSIDE of the lines : picking the right color: and a million other things.

I’m angry today. I’m also really sad. I need to learn how to step back from some things and figure out how to go about them before I allow myself to be consumed by something that it takes over ME.

So, what and I angry and sad about? Dan’s girlfriend broke up with him today.
I am so pissed at her.
We allowed her into our world with open arms, we let her meet our children, we taught her the secret handshake and what does she do? She allows us to believe that she is in it to win it. She is lovin’ up on him. She is treating my kids like what a mother would hope her ex-husband would date.
She rolled into our lives and made plans and talked about the future…and then after a wonderful weekend that I allowed my children to be a part of, she dumps him?
She didn’t just break up with my ex-husband…she broke up with my kids.

I am so pissed at her. How could someone pretend up until the very last day that she is into you and your family and then ‘oh, sorry.’

See, this is the part where I have to learn to not be consumed by it. It just sucks, he was so happy. I was happy he was happy. Now my heart is just broken for him.

Charlotte, it looks like you’re going to have to marry him after all. That whole lesbian thing is going to have to be put on the back burner for a wee-bit alright?
I swear, what is happening around us?

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  • kimmyk

    I have never seen a family more concerned about an “ex”‘s general well being. First Shaun’s now yours. Amazing that whole sort of mentality of wanting what’s best for each other and your children. I think you might start a movement if you keep that up. Kudos to all of you…but bad juju to Dan’s ex. Whatever reason she broke up with him I guess is their business. Only thing you can do is hope your children are old enough to understand those sorts of things happen….

  • traci

    well crap. i was rooting for them because even though i’ve only ‘read’ you for a little bit, it was so cool to see a family who gets along with ex’s and all…it was hopeful for me. my ex is ummm…not like that at all. i hope your kids do ok with it. sucks totally though.

  • KimmyK

    When my last long term bo and I broke up his mom wrote me a nasty letter saying she didn’t understand … why had I left them … sometimes we jsut don’t think about EVERYONE … sucks she did this to you and your family … I hope that Dan can recover and so can ALL PARTIES involved … she will get hers don’t worry Karma works in mysterious ways!

  • Fantastagirl

    That sucks big time… I worry about stuff like that with my nephew… his parents seem to go through boyfriends/girlfriends like I go through socks…sorry your kids have to go through this.

    feel bad for the ex as well –

  • shellibells

    I’ll marry him. He’s cute, obviously he’s got beautiful kids and there is no baby mamma drama. I love it. Perfect. WTF? Can i move in??? I promise I’ll be a good step mom. LOL

  • justme

    I am so sorry to hear this, for all of you. I have been there. And it sucked. It changes a lot of things in a lot of peoples lives when something like this happens.

  • momthefonz

    Oh My heart hurts for him I saw how happy he was now just remember that all things happens for a reason. There is someone out there for him thats even going to be better then Her…..