SPF: Knobbin’ It

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These are the knobs off a file cabinet that my grandma kept all her crocheting patterns and magazines in. When I was a kid I loved to open the right side. It took me years to figure out how to open the other door. There is a latch on the top of the left hand side that you have to hold down to release it.
Since I have gotten it and put my stuff in there, my kids like to peek inside. They are much smarter than I am because they figured out how to open it within minutes.

Also…on a side note: A fellow blogger AngieLynnAsIs is participating in the walk for MS. ANY donation, large or small (either your Friday latte of $5.00 or your new purse of $20.00) will help her reach her goal. She’s very close but needs just a boost up. If you can help, please donate by clicking here. I did.
I will also buy cookies from your Girl Scout kids. Please, send those Girl Scouts my way!

Thanks everyone that can help out.

You’re waiting for it…DID YOU PLAY?

30 Responses to “SPF: Knobbin’ It”

  1. kate Says:

    I finally played!

  2. kate Says:

    wow and holy crap I was first! Must be my lucky day!

    How very cool! I love the filing cabinet!

  3. Army of Mom Says:

    Woo hoo. Second …. no complaining there. Staying up late in Texas paid off!

    I played with a slightly different twist on my knobs. LOL

  4. Connie Says:

    Nice knob. I played.

  5. san Says:

    That’s a nice file cabinet. My parents have one with one of these latches ;)

    I played [and it’s still Thursday *ggg*]

  6. Kami Says:

    That’s pretty! I played. You will like. ;)

  7. Kelly Says:

    My knobs are up!

    Hey – can you pimp donations for the Freedom Walk for me? Its on May 5 and Team Jenelle is muy behind! ;)

    There’s always a charity somewhere isn’t there! Oh and I already donated to the MS walk this year. My SIL suffers from that shitty disease!

  8. jessie Says:

    I gots a knaaaaaaaab for ya people.

  9. Tina Says:

    Like your knobs ;-)

    Happy SPF and i played.

  10. Maria Says:

    Will please ask the Girl Scouts to come to my house too?

    Nice knobs!

  11. Jean Says:

    I played and actually was inspired to writ a POEM about this!!! geesh!

    see, here: http://prettykittydogmoonjewelry.blogspot.com/


    your photo rules!!!, as always

  12. Lee Says:

    our GS cookies are long gone….nice knobs Kristine…wanna see mine?

    I played

  13. Lisa Says:

    I love that filing cabinet! You’re so lucky to have that from your grandma.

    GS cookies are addictive. I think the put something extra in them to make them that way.

    I played!

  14. Teena Says:

    Your knobs are nicer that mine!

    I finished all nine of my ebiz assignments and I’m sooooo happy. I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    I played!

  15. christie Says:


    I played :)

  16. tommiea Says:

    those are pretty!

    I played.

  17. Tammy Says:

    I love the old antique-y things.

    I played.

  18. Katie Says:

    Very cool filing cabinet.

    I played.

  19. The Kept Woman Says:

    Beautiful knobs…I love a good old set of knobies.

    Someone suggested that we used “knockers” for next week’s theme…I think that would be fabulous and second the motion.

    Happy SPF, I played!

  20. SuperChick Says:

    I played… Finally. I’m such a slacker!!!

    Nice knobs baby!

  21. southernfriedgirl Says:

    I played. :)

  22. Melanie Marie Says:

    I want some cookies, where are the damn girl scouts???

  23. Desert Diva Says:

    Great “knobs” and wonderful story to go along…

    I played – come visit, I’m lonely!

  24. Wendy Says:

    My very boring knobs are up!

  25. Lori Says:

    Nice shot. I played.

  26. deneen Says:

    There is a place in Kentucky called Knob Lick. I am sure it is a perfectly lovely place to be from. I would pay good money to hear Miss America proudly announce ” Hi! I am Bobbie Jo Drucker and I am from Knob Lick, Kentucky!” I will waste many minutes thinking of city slogans and lmao.

  27. sometrouble Says:

    Pretty antique knobs. I played! Come see me. Oh, and who wants to buy me some girl scout cookies?

  28. Jenny B Says:

    I finally played. ::::sigh::::: it’s been a rough week. Love the knobs!!

  29. footballwidow Says:

    Those knobs are so pretty! Way better than mine.

    I played!

  30. Aardvark Art Glass Says:

    I have knobs of whimsy! Wooooo!