Random and Odd

Best one so far…

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

**Updated Message**

I got the best gift ever this year.

I had my children, my step children, my husband, his ex-wife and my ex husband for a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner made by the awesome, hardworking people at Boston Market.
On plastic plates and with plastic forks we had our wonderful dinner together.  Not an awkward moment anywhere.  It felt PERFECTLY ‘right’.

This year was all about learning about messages, finding how much the human spirit can handle, finding out how much love and learning could be found just sitting on the couch with a cup of a coffee and a new friend.

I’m proud of our family. All of us. Tabitha, Dan, Me and Shaun…and most of all, our kids.

May you grow up to be happy, healthy, well adjusted adults who can look back at this year as an example of how to treat other people, how to be a part of a family and treat people with the respect they deserve.

No, we don’t have the same last names and 4 of us have ‘ex’ in front of our names…but we are a family.  A very random and odd family!

I hope your Christmas was as eye opening and wonderful as ours was.

Kristine and Shaun…and Co.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • dashababy

    Merry Christmas to you sissy. It doesn’t seem like Christmas when you’re not here. Just know that you are missed. Even Jerry asked last night if you were coming and although he didn’t cry, I thought he might. Jeff and Mike were over there last night having cocktails, hilarious.
    I love you!!! oxoxoxoxo

  • MrsDoF

    Aw, what a sweet update of a message.
    The polar opposite of what my brother is going through with his Ex and sons.

    Looking at the picture some more, it is so against a natural act.
    The guy with the antlers should…oh never mind. Random and Odd.

  • kimmyk

    Shaun did that photo didn’t he? He’s twisted like that. Or maybe it was Dan. He’s a twisted monkey too.

    It’s great the example you set for your children and the friendships y’all have now. If only everyone who went through the big ‘d’ could look at y’all and know it’ll be ok in the end…..good on you guys!

  • Arlene

    Awww, your post gave me chills. How wonderful that you all had dinner together!! We, too, are an “extended” family, and we all get along great, and no one can understand it. No one understands that it’s about the kids, and not us. And seriously, life is too short to fight with people that are so close to you!! Merry Christmas!!

    I think I used to read you a while ago, and I just stumbled back onto you from Renee’s page :-)

  • Fran

    I think that I saw that picture in the Post Secrets book I got for Christmas is that your Secret? That you made raindeer hump? But better yet the way you have blended a family should be studied and every family should come together this time of year they way you all have.

  • dashababy

    Can I get a “Amen” to the that? Yep, hats off to you for being a decent human being. A lot of people can’t put pride aside or resentment or whatever it is that’s in the way. I’m glad you had a nice holiday. We missed you.

  • jana

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family Kristine! Like nodramas said, your family is the definition of ‘family’. You are paving the way for your children to be so strong and you should be so proud of that!

  • Rosei

    Nice that your Christmas was a great one, Kris! You do deserve it!! Everything went fine over here and it was my first Christmas after get married.

    Happy 2007!

  • southernfriedgirl

    You know I give you all sorts of crap and stuff about dealing so well with the exes, but it’s all jealousy girl. I am just sorta amazed y’all do that shit. My hat off to you.

    Well, hell, it’s almost Mardi Gras, so my shirt off to y’all too. Woooohoooo!