Random and Odd

moved…not locations, just in my heart. I am moved.

I got a package from a friend today.  I opened the package and inside were many children’s books. I flipped through the pages and then read the label that came with all the books.  She mentioned that it was her favorite or this one inspired her and so going through them I looked at them through her eyes and it was so very special.

One of the books was called, “Ish”.  As I was reading it I would think she wrote the book herself. She is very ISH.  I felt good after reading it because I realized, I was a little ISH too.

We had to run out to the store to pick up a copy of my favorite book from the bookstore to give to my step son for Christmas.  I was thrilled beyond words when Dan told me he had added it to his Christmas list.  I have been telling Ryan about this book for years and to be able to give him the gift of words just makes me giddy with excitement.

While I was there I was surrounded by beautiful books, millions of words floating around, and ohh, the wonderful covers and pictures.  I was inspired.

I got home and I sat in front of the fire and read a book that she had sent me. It was a kids book that was about a boy that wanted the answers to Three Questions.
Shaun and Tabitha were talking as I was hunched over in front of the fire reading and savoring each line of this children’s story.  At the end, I let out a big ol’ sniffle and my eyes were glowing with tears.

“Are you crying over a CHILD’S BOOK?”  they asked.

“Yes. it was a good one.”

Thank you, Wave of Modulation for just being you.  You know that each of those books you sent filled a very ‘needing’ place in my heart and just you knowing that THOSE were the words I needed at this time in my life.  You are special in so many ways.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.