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Conversations with Kathy

My mom recently got into a ‘brawl’ with the neighbor dog. This is my mom’s favorite story lately. She will tell you how her cold-snout-up-the-buttcrack dog got into a fight AND SHE BROKE IT UP!

My sister called and asked me if I had heard the story.

“Yea, she told me all about it.”

“Did she tell you what kind of dog it was?”

I had to think about it, “Uh, no.”

Kathy, trying to hold back the laughter says, “It’s part cell phone.”

“Did you just say, part cell phone?”

“Yep, I asked mom what kind of dog it was and she said it was a Nokia.”

“Did she mean akita?”


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  • Shaun

    hehehe….gotta love her. Her dog’s gotta go though. Those roaming minutes are horrible. Luckily she gets 1000 nights and weekend minutes, which is like 7000 in dog minutes.

  • little sister

    Can you hear me laughing! You should! I’m so in trouble now. My boss is gone, but I think the paralegals and associates are going to tell on me . . .

    Who cares. That laugh was worth it!

  • dashababy

    last night mom was over watchin the tube with us and a migraine commercial came on which lead us to talking about recent headaches we have had. mom says,”yeah, that last one was a real hamburger”.
    she meant to say humdinger. lol. po, mom, never a break.