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*wiggling eyebrows*

Okay, last year Shaun rocked the internet with the 40 things he loves about me. The story you don’t know is that after finishing this task that no man should ever have to do, he crawled into bed and tried to wake me up with kisses.
With one eye open I looked at him as he said, “I love you.” and the first thought that came to mind was, “You been surfin’ porn or somethin’?”

Now, I give the internet…40 things I love about him.

40. In your waking hours I have never once heard you fart, yet when you sleep…TOOTER.
39. You will go to the store for me and all I have to do is the silly ‘Pweease’ voice.
38. You look really good with a tie on.
37. You are ESPN SPORTCENTER. You have every sport stat. EVER.
36. Your Chicken enchiladas.
35. You have thee most jacked up taste in music.
34. You don’t smoke.
33. You don’t drink. Built in ‘designated driver’
32. I love your mom and dad.
31. You do math for me.
30. You’ll take the cheezy cell phone so your daughter has a new, fancy one.
29. You pee in the hall bathroom so you don’t wake me up in the morning.
28. You look really good in my nightgowns.
27. You can live off of Del Taco…and that’s a good thing, because you never have lunch money.
26. You help me look for dead bodies and don’t make me feel stupid for doing it.
25. When I say i’m going to Starbucks, you know i’m really going to the Starbucks in the casino.
24. You shield me from all the mean things your ex says about me.
23. When I slide something in the shopping cart, you sneak it back out when you think i’m not looking.
22. When my ex is being an idiot, you look at me like, “Dude, you married him.”
21. You don’t talk trash about my ex. If you do, it’s funny stuff.
20. You try to look interested when I start talking techno-geek to you.
19. You make me binary shirts because you know I think it’s sexy.
18. You sold all your Hall of Fame baseball cards so I could buy a flash for my camera.
17. You think my mom and sister walk on water.
16. You never let me win when I tackle you and say I am going to kick your ass.
15. When I tell you I am going to bite you, you just sigh and offer your hand.
14. My daughters love you.
13. You make Kara feel like she finally has someone that ‘gets’ her.
12. You sing like Goofy just to make me laugh.
11. You’re a Raider’s fan.
10. You support this crazy blogging thing I do.
09. Full on conversations when you’re sleeping.
08. The way you pawn off things you don’t want to do onto Tyler.
07. The way you let the car fall apart before you tell me it’s time to bring it in….oh wait, that bugs the hell out of me.
06. You open doors for women.
05. Your humor. You’re the funniest person I have ever met.
04. The way you smell after a shower.
03. You’re totally fixed and can’t get me pregnant.
02. You don’t make me feel weird about my body even when I am feeling weird about my body.
01. I’m not afraid everyday like I use to be. Waking up is good thing now.

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  1. Mel Says:

    awwww…what a great list. Shaun is so adorable. and i love del taco too, except we don’t have them here anymore.

    you two are so adorable together.

  2. Michelle Says:

    Isnt loving your best friend THE best thing ever!!

  3. Renee Says:

    What a great list! I love that you guys love each other!:-)

    I want some of his chicken Enchiladas! When should I come over?:-)

  4. WILLIAM Says:

    His Chicken Enchiladas is a euphamism? Right?…..and Renee just said she wanted them….That’s funny.

  5. Amy Says:

    frig, he is SUCH a keeper.

  6. Chickie Says:

    What a sweet list!

  7. JD's Rose Says:

    Awww. That is so sweet.

  8. Adrienne Says:


    I got 2, 10, 20, 32, 33 right here too. Very sweet!

    And now you’re getting maaaarried!

  9. sullen girl Says:

    I love that list :) My hubs is Mr Sportscenter too – they’d get along great… Lord knows I can’t carry on a conversation with my David regarding anything sports related for very long.

  10. Southern Fried Girl Says:

    That is a great list.

  11. Flutter Says:

    What a great guy…does he happen to have a brother that is single and just as great as him!

  12. Vajana Says:

    wait a minute…no farts? Ever? You’re kidding. What a girl would do for THAT.

  13. Tammy Says:

    What a wonderful post, and what a great guy Shaun is! My hubby is ESPN too. They have that in common!

    And, you did your own Half Nekkid Thursday!! :)

  14. kalki Says:

    Awww, I heart you guys.

    Now, we need photos of #28.

  15. Kerry Says:

    Thats a great list!

  16. Kami Says:

    Aw, what a great list, and what a hot photo of Shaun.

  17. Cat Says:

    What an awesome list, I should do one like this for my hubby. might take me a while to come up with 40 though! ;)

    You two really are a cute couple. its Wonderful to see!

  18. Christy J Says:

    Ok, I so don’t get her binary thing.

  19. SassyFemme Says:

    Aww, that’s so sweet!!!

  20. LadyBug Says:

    SO sweet.

    But, umm, you wanna explain the nightgown thing?

  21. Tig Says:

    I don’t know what is more perfect – your writing or the contents of the list or that HOT photo, LOL…

    Feel the love, people, feel the love!

  22. Charmed1 Says:

    Okay so, you have an awesome man there! Don’t let him go!

    By the way can I get one of those binary code shirts in a 2x?

  23. Dunkin Says:

    What a wonderful list!! You guys are lucky to have each other.

  24. dashababy Says:

    Super Hot Photo! If I could growl right now, I totally would. (Just try to imagine the sickest cat in the jungle wheezing, that would be me) anyway,, sexx-ay stuff there, mmm-huh.
    I love you guys. I even have Shauns weddding present already picked out for him and don’t even try to find out what it is, ok?

  25. Teena Says:

    What a great list!!! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Nolechic8002 Says:

    Awww, now I have the warm and fuzzies….
    That is such a sweet thing to do..

  27. Memphis Steve Says:

    You sound like a wonderful wife! Must have a great marriage. :)

    I’m going home to practice singing like Goofy now.

  28. Steph Says:

    AWWW what a sweet list…what a great guy you have there. A great picture too.

  29. Lori Says:

    What a wonderful, heartfelt list! And hot pic!

  30. Monkey Says:

    he so rocks! :)

    that not being afraid thing…thats pretty awesome…i finally have that too… :)


  31. Tee Says:

    That was so sweet :)

  32. Bucky Four-Eyes Says:

    Shaun NEVER farts out loud around you when he is awake?
    Good thing he does in his sleep; I’d have to wonder if he were some kind of android otherwise.

    Wait, he eats Del Taco and he never farts out loud around you when he’s awake?

    I dub thee…Saint Shaun of the Royal Order of Flatulence Blockers.

  33. ScottyGee Says:

    That picture frightens me a little and makes me feel a little violated (he’s giving me bedroom eyes!), but the post was so sweet. I am glad you guys found one another.

  34. phsymom Says:

    Awwww, Everytime I read about or think of you and Shaun I have the song “U Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate running in the background of my mind …

  35. Andrea Says:

    You’re right. He rocks.

    But I have to say, #28 did give me pause :)

  36. ZuphChic Says:

    Everybody should have a list like this. Then when he’s REALLY pissing you off, you can repeat #1-40 over and over and over…

  37. Shaun Says:

    this made me laugh. Thanks honey, well for most of them anyway.

    Oh, and the nightgowns are actually just my t-shirts which have been stolen by every female in this house. thats apparently why there’s no t-shirt on me in that picture!

  38. Random and Odd Says:

    I want to reply to everyone, but I got what all the kids had and so I am SICK.
    You guys crack me up. Today, not good because it feels like I have someone standing on my throat.

    Scotty…hee hee, he’s waaaaatching youuuuuu.

    The ‘U sexy thang’ comment…ROTHFLMAO…I think we found our wedding song! hee hee.

    Bucky…HA HA HA HA!!

    everyone: Send chicken noodle soup.

  39. Mrs. Dr. Dave Says:

    AAWWWW! I love it..my husband did something similiar for me last December…isn’t it great to be in love?!

  40. MrsDoF Says:

    Oh, how sweet! That’s a ‘come hither’ look if I ever saw one.

    #3 is nice, considering there are already 5 younguns to provide for. Tho it might be nice if two such beautiful people could mix the genes again.

    Get Well Soon! My headache started last Friday, but I’m on the mend even while still coughing up several colors of goo almost a week later.

  41. Aurora Says:

    That is soooo sweet! Damn, you guys are too cute!

  42. The Recovering Straight Girl Says:

    so sweet. I love you guys, a LOT!

  43. lawbrat Says:

    You two are the cutest!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  44. dashababy Says:

    Poor baby sister,, my throat still hurts after 11 days, not quite as bad as it did but it’s worse at night. Hope you feel better. oxoxoxox

  45. Suzanne Says:

    Thank God you guys are getting married! You are such a sweet couple – and soooo in love:)

  46. snavylyn Says:

    That was wonderful! I had tears in my eyes!! What a great couple you make!!

  47. JD's Rose Says:

    I’m going to have to miss SPF. So not organised this week, but I do have news for you…

  48. song Says:


    but that photo is so like “get that fucking camera out of my face and come and watch some porn”

  49. Madam Grizzle Says:

    How in the hell can a man NOT fart in front of you??

    You are supposed to be having contests on who can out-fart who!!!

    Sounds like you need more chicken enchiladas to get things rolling.

  50. groovygrrrl Says:

    I love your list! What a lovely thing to do for someone. You’ve inspired me to write my own…

  51. Susie Says:

    Oh, cheez, here they go again, causing trouble in marriages all over blogworld. I still have no list, not 40 things, not 4 things! And if I made Jif a list of 40 things, he’d say, “Do I have to read the whole thing?”
    Seriously, though, I am a marriage counselor, a licensed professional, and I have one word of advice for Shaun: FART!!!!

  52. Hippo Says:

    This is a great list! Better not turn up pregnant girl!!

    Dr. H.O. Potamus – Midwife

    BTW-It’s coincidence on Susie…I ain’t stalkin’ ‘er…Susie…did you tell my wife to leave me?

  53. Random and Odd Says:

    No! I don’t want him farting because that opens to door for me to let him hear the volume of burping I can do.

    It’s a good thing.

  54. That one chick Says:

    This is one of my top ten favorite posts of yours! You guys are so awesome. I love how open youa re with your relationship. It shows how strong it is!

  55. Mo Says:

    It so sux to be sick (getting over a cold myself). I hope you’re feeling better today, Kristine.

    Getting married to your best friend is something you can’t put a price on. I’m giddy with happiness for you both!
    Work on keeping that feeling alive, both of you, for the rest of your marriage.


  56. Michelle Says:

    Your fiancee helps you look for dead bodies? I think I need to read more to understand your job maybe???

    He sounds like a keeper FOR SURE!