Random and Odd


Where the hell did this weekend go?
Who took the weekend like a wet rag and RUNG IT OUT?

The Ebay craze in our house is over the top. Alyx, our budding artist, has decided that she’s going to put up her picture of the Blog Frog she drew when he was here.
When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up she says, “An Artist.” When Shaun moved in and brought all his paint brushes and paints it just fed her dream.

Being the supportive mother I am, i’m going to promote the hell out of that picture for her.

If you have Ebay, go check out the listing. Bid you want, but PLEASE at least put it on your ‘watching’ list so when Shaun shows her how many people are ‘watching’ her picture she will get excited.

For my readers if you are the winning bidder (at ANY price) I will include a pair of Monkey Toe Socks. If you win, just send me an email.
*note to Jessica Rabbit – your cursed monkey is on the way. I will not be held responsible for the fucked up hair days and reduced breast size that might occur after the monkey arrives.

When Kara decided she wanted to be a singer, I bought her a karaoke unit. The sound of her trying to hit certain notes caused some hearing loss, but I’ll live.
I guess I should be grateful that Alyx wants to be a artist and not a brain surgeon.

Wait…..maybe I need to re-think this.