Dashababy,  The Fonz


My roots are so bad that it's starting to look trendy. Who am I kidding?

It wouldn’t have been right to wear a hat to The Fonz’s birthday party, but I should have.

When I am getting ready in the bathroom my hair doesn’t look that bad. It doesn’t look GOOD, but it doesn’t look bad.

I always know HOW bad my hair looks by the look on my sister’s face when she sees me.

My hair. Bad.

I tried to do this thing where I pulled the long-ass-bangy type hair out of my face with a cute little clip and then match it on each side. I always think it’s going to look nice, but it ends up looking like Pamela Anderson after filming an all nighter.
The only thing I achieved was pulling the hair back and showing the world how long it’s been since I have had my hair done.

the flash of a million cameras

My mom’s birthday party was at this little hall in a park. I didn’t know too many people outside of our family and I was too busy chatting with my brothers and sister to really pay too close attention to anything.
At one point I got up to get something and I looked around and what I saw made me laugh.
At our table we had my brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces & nephews, mom and about 35 digital cameras. We must have looked like the vainest group of people in the world because the flashing never stopped. Our table was all smiles and posing.

I looked at the other tables and no one else had cameras. Our table was a bunch of people showing the other person the shot they had just got.

“Look at this shot of Robert doing his impression of Jim from Taxi!!”

We all have the same exact pictures too. As soon as I heard that Robert was doing impression of Jim I knew I had to get that picture. He also does Forest Gump, but you can’t really ‘see’ that through pictures.


I had one of those stupid moments again.
Remember when I told you all about the time when the kids were sposta be getting ready for school and they weren’t so I yelled, “Would you please get ready for school and quit jacking off!” I didn’t mean to say that.
I did it again, sort of.
You could hear the band outside and since the hall was pretty small, most of us were out there. Kara started doing the hand jive to the song the band was playing.
I blurt out, “Look, Kara’s doing the hand job!”
No one heard me. No one saw me turn about 14 shades of red either.
“handjive. she’s doing the hand jive. yeah.”

check out my brother Barry in the back...what a dork.

Mom had a great birthday with her kids, grandkids and a lot of people she thought she would never be able to see again. She had fun.

We have the pictures to prove it too.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • Cindy

    Great family photo – even with the so called ‘dork’ in the back. It makes you laugh and smile just looking at all of you.

    And, the ‘hand jive’ comment – I feel your pain. I bet I can turn 20 shades of red though!

    The bent wrist again? I thought you fixed that?

  • Kate

    You look great.

    Looks like a fun time! Happy birthday to your mom!

    I hear you on the digital cameras we always have about 20 between us all it is insane. I can only imagine what others around us are thinking.

    And if its been that long since you had your hair done go treat yourself you deserve it!

  • Vajana

    you have a very gorgeous family.

    About a month ago my friend was selling a couch for me at her garage sale. The phone rang, and it was her, so I picked up the phone and said, “Do you want me to go down?”


    I meant on the price, obviously.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Kristine, your hair always looks great. Bitch. ;)

    Was Kara born to hand job, baby?

    And thanks for the hug on my sickie sick post – it’s helping already. I feel nearly good enough to make somebody cry at work now!

    (and why does my verification word start with “lsd”? who’s been talkin’?)

  • Amy

    Jeez, yeah, kristine, you are a smokin’ blonde, can you just accept it and move on already?

    Funny about the cameras. You guys were the paparazzi table. Every good party should have one.

    Happy Happy Birthday to Fonzarelli!

  • dashababy

    Kris, you are always pretty/gorgeous/beautiful no matter what your hair looks like. I just give you that look so you will have an excuse to come see me, otherwise, I would never get to see you.
    I was laughing because you hit it right on the head with the flashing at our table. I really felt self conscious after a couple hours of taking pics. I started cursing the flash. I thought the same thing too, like, “OMG they are going to think we are so vain”. I was just out to take as many pics as I could. I got some good ones. I can’t wait to share them with you. Luv ya xoxoxoxo

  • judypatooote

    What a great family picture….if that is mom up front, she’s holding up really well…..the one thing you can count on where there is a bunch of digitals, there is a bunch of smiles. Happy Birthday to your mom…….p.s. your hair looks great…..

  • The Merry Widow

    What’s are those things covering up your arms and the fuzzy thing around your neck? Someone told me it was called a sweater and a scarf. “Why would someone wear that?” I asked. “It’s like a million degrees outside.” This person then informed me that in other parts of the country (read: not in Houston,) they have what’s called, “autumn” and the temperature actually drops, thus requiring cloth-like material to cover one’s arms and neck.

    Anywho, besides that weird stuff you’re wearing on your arms and neck, you look HOT. (Pun intended.) Your hair? Even hotter. Paris Hilton agrees.

  • Kristine

    contrary to popular belief, it does rain in California.

    The weather lady INSISTED it was going to rain.

    Besides the turtle neck sweater covers the double chin.

  • Adrienne

    I agree – your hair looks good.

    My family is like that too, with the cameras. Most noticable when we are all watching my young cousin ice skate (she’s really, really good). No one is actually watching the competition, just zooming, focusing, snapping, adjusting white balance…

  • The Fonz

    Thanks to all for wishing me a Happy Birthday in all the 63 years of my life that was the best ever, Just having all my kids there was the icing on the cake.. Sorry about the pun… And Kristine I can’t beleive you posted those goofy pictures of me, Just wait your turn is coming, Hee~Hee!.. And Your Hair, You always look beautiful even if you didn’t have any. Sooo when you gonna come and see your sissy so she can make you even more beautiful.’-) I will post some of mine pix soon and I do have some that you don’t have.. x0x0x0x0

  • MrsDoF

    It is far better to have too many cameras than to be the person everyone assumes will bring her camera, get great shots, take the time to do copies of said photos, and get them all mailed out.
    Last year’s Women’s Retreat took 7 hours with XN View, and set me back about $50 copy shop and snail mailing.
    It’s just time and money though.
    Appreciative friends and family are worthy….

  • Uzz

    You would know that the one shot that stuck with me was that one where one camera caught another camera’s flash going off…that is what I call timing:-) If you get a chance I have posted a movie I created from my images of my son…turned out pretty cool!

  • Cat

    I LOVE your pix! As usual. I can just look at the pictures, not even read a word, and somehow I know exactly what you are trying to say.

    But then I read what you wrote becasue it’s always some friggin’ funny shizz, I tell you WHAT…

  • The Recovering Straight Girl

    Your hair is sexy as ALWAYS!
    Glad the Fonz had a great birthday.
    I was laughing my ass off at the Hand job thing, mostly cuz that’s what I thought it was called until you then said hand jive.
    Then I laughed at what a dork I am.

  • ScottyGee

    Nice pictures.

    Your family are really big fans of the mustache, huh? I mean look at that last picture. It’s like a cast photo from Starsky and Hutch or something.


  • TRA

    I seriously laughed out loud at the handjob comment. I’ve done goofy stuff like that before. Hell, I do it all the time. Pretty little girl doing the hand jo… jive …


  • Mama Duck

    I had to look at that first picture a few times after you mentioned your hair…I thought that you looked great…

    That rough and ready sexy tousled hair look!

  • JessicaRabbit

    Jeez woman pic a hair color and stick with it


    Hey, I know!

    Let ME do your hair.

    It would be ultra fabulous.

    And it would have pink in it. hehehehehehehehehehehehe