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  • kalki

    Aww, I cried. (What? It rhymes.) Seriously, this made me a little weepy, but in a what-a-sweet-kid way. And in a I-feel-for-you-Kristine way. Love you, girl.

  • Kate

    He is such a sweet kid. That was so nice of him. They all just want you to feel better I am sure!

    Hopefully he can cheer you up next time, maybe if he lets you win!

  • madmanan

    walmart has madden 2006 (well, they did a week ago) for $38 ($12 off the normal price!!!)

    you can buy it without him knowing, practice when he isnt home, and beat him the day you “pretend” to buy it :)

  • Kami

    Good boy, Tyler. Chill out on the TD’s, dude.

    Listening to John Madden’s voice in a real game makes me insane. Well, not his voice, but the stupid shit he says.

    “The team who scores the most points, you see, Bill, will win the game. That is, whomever gets the most touchdowns.”

    SHUT. UP. Let me watch the damn game.

  • Liza

    Completely off topic, but you have 5 kids right? I have 0 kids but this weekend I will have 5 and I fear this. I will have a 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 year old. 4 girls, 1 boy. at least I’m related to 2 of them and know how to handle them, but I’ve never even met 3 of them…I’m nervous…any advice?

    Also, I hope you get to feeling better soon :) You could always tell him that you let him win jsut so he wouldn’t feel bad :)

  • Circus Kelli

    Liza — here’s my advice
    Move and don’t tell them where.
    Come down with a serious and highly contagious disease.

    Good luck. May the force be with you.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Personally, I’m gonna recommend some good, old-fashioned Grand Theft Auto. The wanton mayhem and gratuitous sex will do your disposition all kinds of good.

    Where’s my bazooka?

  • The Merry Widow

    Hang in there, Kristine! Warm fuzzy, non-depressed thoughts are being sent your way as I type this. PLUS, you should know that I put my money on the Raiders this week (gasp!) for my work football pool. You know why? Because of you. That’s right. As I was going through the list of games for this weekend, I thought to myself, I’m gonna pick Oakland this week because Kristine and Shaun are gaga over them.

  • Kristina

    the male of the species gotta love em! hope your feeling better you could always get a simms game and then make people that are based on those your pissed at and make hten have alien babies or get hit by cars lol ….. HUGS