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the boy wants to play on Xbox live. I am on the computer. he has pulled out the only game he knows I am powerless to. DIG DUG.
he knows within minutes I will be on the couch playing dig dug, screaming at the stupid things that will not blow up.
what he has not factored in….if i’m on playstation, he can’t be on xbox.


4 Responses to “teasing”

  1. Sissychong Says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE DigDug!!! I thought I was a geek but obviously I am in good company!

  2. Random and Odd Says:

    Dig Dug was one of the bestest games ever made. Tempest and Joust were pretty close for first place!!

  3. Mrs.Strizzay Says:

    I think I may have played that, like, once. Maybe.

  4. Random and Odd Says:

    I added you to the list! Cute pictures of your little ones by the way !!!
    I love the one of your daughter looking out the window. It’s classic!!