Random and Odd

The Other Family Member

This is Mooshu Mooshu Monkey Dog. She’s a MINI toycup poodle. When I say MINI, I mean…She’s so small that we tend to forget to mention that we have a dog.

I went to the pet store to see if this other little dog was in. All I saw was a bunch of hyperactive poodles in the cage. I don’t like poodles, but puppie-poodle is sort of cute. I went over there and they were all jumping around, fuzzy, pink tounged. I looked in the back and there in the corner was a little black fur ball that could fit in the palm of my hand. It looked like one of the other poodles had coughed up a hairball in the corner.
I asked the guy, “What’s that in the back?” and he said, “The runt. It probably wont live though, look at how small it is.” I asked to see it and he looked at me like I was crazy.
“The mom stopped feeding it.”
He handed me the fur ball that fit in the palm of my hand. It was going to die. There was NO way this thing was going to live. It had zero life left in it.
“I’ll take it.” I paid the seriously reduced price and put the dog in my bra. Yes. I put the dog in my bra.
We went back to my sisters house and I told Kara I got her something. She looked around and when she didn’t see anything I pulled the little thing out. She thought it was a beanie baby….and then the dog moved his head and she SCREAMED with excitement.
She smothered it in love, and I told her that it would probably not make it, but she didn’t care. She had A DOG!
I told her to put it on the lawn so it could go pee. The freshly mowed lawn was TOO TALL for her to stand in and she couldn’t even walk.
She also didn’t have elbows, so when she would bend over to eat she would fall in her food.
I knew she was going to live when I saw how she stood up for herself against my mom’s rottie. She barked…and jumped up and down, and did little puppie growls. This is the dog that is the size of that dog’s poop!
Mooshu did live. Her name changed from day one. We thought ‘duchess’, ‘princess’, ‘little bit’. Dale (an old friend) said, “I refuse to call that dog, ‘princess or baby or whatever lame ass name you give it.” He started calling it, “Mooshu Mooshu Monkey Dog” and it stuck.