Dashababy,  The Fonz


Drive carefully Kath. It was awesome seeing you and mom today.

Mom, thanks for introducing me to your friends from when when you were just a kid. They were so very nice. I’m glad you got in contact with them. See…classmates.com isn’t so bad after all ;)

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • lawbrat

    Classmates.com is pretty cool. I talked to a HS friend a few months ago from there.

    I sent you info to gmail. Thanks Kristine.

  • little sister

    That’s a great pic of Dashababy!

    I so have to go to CA! How’s October looking? (really – it’s that bad here…I have to schedule fun 3-4 months in advance.)

    Glad you had fun…I’ll be posting more of my fun once the dsl modem arrives in 2 weeks :)

  • Kristine

    Thank you everyone!! It’s going to be a quiet day at home cleaning and killing spiders. Well, Shaun will killing spiders. I will standing behind him cheering him on!

    ANYTIME you wanna come hang out lil’ sister.

    I would love to get a blogger-get-gether, but most of you live in the cool states that don’t have Arnold heading up their state!!

  • SoozieQ

    MOST, but not all Kristine. I am embarassed of ole Arnie right along with ya! When I go to the Oakland Airport and I see “The Governator” t-shirts I just shake my head…it’s only funny to those people LEAVING our state via an airplane and never coming back! Not those of us who have to COME BACK to CA on those same airplanes!

  • Airea

    Happy 4th of july!!! I love the photos you take. There so beauiful. Oh by the way the camping trip is all up now! Enjoy!

  • dashababy

    Thanks so much for coming over to the bbq. Wish we could do that every weekend, well maybe not every weekend. It was good to see everyone even tho its alot of work and thanks for helping clean up as always, your a good sissy that way. I hope your back is feeling better. Come see and get your hair done. xoxoxox

  • The Fonz

    I Think I’m going to have Shaun make me a T-Shirt,
    I Can’t Believe you Blogged this.
    Love Mom
    Have a Happy 4th I wish you were here already miss you. gotta go my other favorite daughter is waiting…

  • Mrs.Strizzay

    I’m not mad at you, and I about to go and see if you posted that people have been jacking your pictures. I wonder if mine have ever been jacked. Thats like a compliment right? :0P~~