Dashababy,  The Fonz

In Style—eat your heart out!

The Fonz and Dashababy are in town for the weekend so I went over to kidnap them and take them to the casino.

My Mom (The Fonz) was a bit hesitant about going because every bone and muscle in her body was complaining …and let’s just face it, she’s old.

After much whining and complaining she caved, went in the house and put on her face.

Now, my mom is a fashion icon. She is known throughout the greater part of Redding for her trendy clothes and fashionable hand made jewelry.
She is what every Hollywood star WISHES they could be. I swear there should be a line of clothes called, “The Fonz”.

Of course everything would have to be inside out. LIKE HER SHIRT IS IN THIS PICTURE!

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.