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I ended up leaving for Redding last night and got here around 11:30 pm.

Mom and Kathy were in Mom’s office and we just hung out. I pulled out the BAMF and they instantly covered their faces!

It turned into an all out camera war. We were laughing so hard trying to ‘out flash’ the other.

They got the mean end of the D70 because in the time they took one picture with the flash, i’ve taken ten. I mentioned that the flash will stun you for a few seconds if you take it right the eye?
It was like a machine gun compared to a revolver. They didn’t have a chance in hell.

Kathy would yell, “NOW MOM! TAKE IT NOW!”
I would stun mom for a few seconds and we laugh so hard because mom would whimper.

Then Kathy grabbed another camera and they ganged up on me. Two against one. 2 Kodaks against a D70.

I still won, but Kathy has some gnarly pictures of me laughing so hard I almost coughed up a lung.

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  • Kitsune

    And a vicious battle was won! That little story is helping the night shift pass wish a smile. Glad I dropped by again!

    PS: I’m looking at a Sigma SD9/10 when the budget opens up… a lot. ;)

  • Random and Odd

    Hi Everyone!

    I’m about 45 minutes away from getting my hair done!!

    It’s SO quiet here. I’ve been reading some blogs to mom. I got her hooked on Romani Heart and the drama of getting allergy pills at Walmart. The Walmart story reminded me of Kalki’s PLUNGER story on her blog.

    Poor mom is about to wet herself.

    Thanks everyone for making my online such a blast!

    Thanks Sharkey!! We are having a blast.

    RSG: I brought mom to your site and she thought it was SOOO pretty!
    She said to say HI right back.

    Torrie: I could kiss you!

    Kitsune: I’m glad that you dropped in too!

  • La Pix

    Ha Ha Ho Ha!! I can’t wait to see the pictures :)

    Have a great time. take a deep breath – laugh your ass off. Sounds like you already are.

    Freaky that your mom and sis are in Redding. We been to a lot of teh same places I bet. My mom lives in Red Bluff. I lived there too for a while in high school.

    It used to be my dream to rent a houseboat on lake Shasta for a week during slightly off season and hang out in quiet coves, and ski and jetski… sigh

  • MrsDoF

    We attended a wedding this week and the “official” photographer was using a Nikon D70. That is the first time I have seen one in action.
    Such a nice camera, but the guy behind it also was great with the shmooze and getting everybody to relax and look nice.
    I’ll stick with my little bitty Minolta and leave the other to you folks.

  • Cat

    Pictures. We MUST see PICTURES!

    The hair will be awesome, will it not? AWESOME.

    (“Awesome” has completely taken over my vocabulary. This is sad. I know.)

  • Random and Odd

    the hair is done. WATCH OUT the pole dancer in me coming out!

    La Pix- We use to go houseboating on Shasta and stay up all night cat-fishin’. Good times.

    Mrsdof- No weddings in my future. Just about 83 shots of my sister and mom dodging the camera.

    MRTL- Yeah…They made me steak and I am about ready to melt into this computer chair.

    Cat- Pictures on the way. I can’t upload them from here because I think my mom’s computer is really one of those fake computers you find in model homes!

    On a side note. I took a shower at moms house and she has the best water pressure this side of the ol’ mississip. I think it blasted my nipple off.