Random and Odd

“A pint at the Pass”

I could listen to this man tell stories for a solid month.

I’m going to skip the story about how I almost died in a hotel room in Dublin and the castle that when we got there, I took a bath and slept the whole day and through the night because of having to stay alive in a hotel room in Dublin was exhausting. It wasn’t one of the finer points of the trip.

So completely skipping that day….we woke up in a castle and had a great breakfast, but now it was on to Day 4 and that means we head to my absolute FAVORITE place in all of Ireland, Kylemore Pass Hotel with Stuart and Rose.
The last trip to Ireland we were in a pub in Doolin waiting for a seat when a couple waved us over to sit with them. This couple was from the US and we got to talking over a pint. They said that they came to Doolin on their first trip out and they loved it so much that they knew that they needed a few more days in that town so they booked another trip out and stayed longer. That trip they decided that a few days wasn’t enough so they booked their third trip to Ireland and stayed even longer in this little town. I thought they were nuts when they said that after the 3rd trip to Ireland that they were done, but this was their 7th trip out to Ireland and in this small town…they were staying 3 months this time. I asked why didn’t they just move there. “Have you ever been to Ireland in the winter?” They were from the midwest so they knew cold, but Ireland is a different kind of cold in the winter.
I tell you that story because I get those people on a whole new level. I feel the same damn way about Connemara and mostly Kylemore Pass. The first trip was one night. This trip it was 2. The trip in 2020 will be a whole week. I can guess that on my 7th trip I will be there for 3 months.
We pulled up and I was so excited to finally be back and to be able to share this awesome place with Sue. The car ride over, in between laughing and looking at the amazing landscape we talked about The Pass and how much we were made to feel like home the minute we walked in. This trip was exactly the same. I almost cried when I saw Stuart and my old room! We were only there for less than an hour and Sue said, “Yep. This is the place.”
Knowing that she ‘got’ it too made me relax even more. This was the relaxing part of our trip and we would be chasing this level of relaxation for the rest of our trip…it wouldn’t get much better than this though.

Stuart made us some vegetable soup and after a bite to eat, a pint and some great stories we made our way to the Loop to go to Paddy Coynes and see if we could find ‘Dale’s House’.
The best thing about Ireland is the people. The best part about traveling around Connemara, Tully Cross, Renvyle, Letterfrack and Leenane is that all the locals know each other and they will tell you hysterical stories about the other. Everywhere we went the locals would ask where we were staying and when we would say, “Kylem-” they would interrupt with a boisterous, “THE PASS!! you’re staying with Rose and Stuart! Let me tell you about the time I was having a pint at the Pass….” and an hour later we would have some funny stories to take back to Stuart so he could counter them with even funnier ones about those people.

The day was filled with Kylemore Abby and the walled garden. We drove the loop and saw the beaches. It was a day of relaxing.

That first night we hung out in the bar in our comfy clothes and listened to stories from the locals. When I say we hung out…we took over. Dale was the bartender the whole time. Not just for our group, but for anyone that came in. When we checked out a couple of days later, Stuart said he never had a customer that kept such an honest tab behind the bar.

The next day was a trip around the loop with the famine tour…but I’ll tell you that story tomorrow.