Random and Odd

Dublin…Day 1

The whole lose a day, gain a day thing is always confusing and this time it messed me up as I was planning what to do in Dublin, Ireland.
When I knew I was going to be there on Easter Sunday I made plans to do the Easter Rising tour on Sunday, but I forgot to factor in jet lag and Easter parades.
We landed in Dublin and hit the ground running. We dropped our bags in the hotel that sat directly across from Christchurch Cathedral and began the trip off with a Guinness. Oh the heavenly taste of a proper Guinness was enough to spark our adventurous souls.
Sue and I made our way down to Trinity College center to wait for our tour while Dale and Jess hit up some of the local pubs.

After about 30 minutes of the tour the exhaustion of the long flight and no sleep kicked in and despite my anticipation of how amazing the tour was going to be, I was ready to finish up and go to sleep.
After the tour we snuck in a short nap before we headed off to The Brazen Head for Irish Stew and Guinness. The last time I was in Dublin I was told by Mick that we MUST go into the Brazen Head because it was the oldest pub in all of Dublin and it had to be checked off our list of MUST SEE places. The only problem with the stew is that you will spend the rest of your trip trying to find Irish Stew that tastes as good. Hint: you will not find it.

After dinner we kicked around the city and made our way to the Cobblestone for some trad music and good conversation. We must have gotten in too late, because it was standing room only. We were ready to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere, but it wasn’t meant to be. The first day in Dublin ended with a nice walk along the river Liffey and drinks in the bar at the hotel.

While we were waiting we saw a rack of brochures with hundreds of day trips out of Dublin. One of them was out to Glendalough and the Wicklow mountains. Dale and I had already seen both places on our last trip and knew that it would be a good thing to get of Dublin for the day and see some of what makes Ireland so beautiful. We signed up for the next day to catch a tour bus. What an adventure that was!