Up early enough to write

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It was 6am when my alarm went off and instead of having that hostage negotiation talk with my alarm clock and phone, I decided to get up and write.   There was a time when I didn’t schedule a time to purge through writing, I just sat down and did it.  Man I miss those days.

Today is June 1 and the way I see it, the first day of June is Summer. The last day of August is the last day of summer.
Welcome to the first day of Summer. I have 13 weekends to do all the stuff I want to do this summer.  It sounds daunting when I actually write it down. That’s not a lot of weekends and I have A LOT of stuff I want to do.  I am still very conscious of ‘TIME’ and how important it is and to not over commit to things.

Things I want to do this summer:
CAMP! I want to go camping A LOT.
Travel to places I have never seen.
Camp. Did I mention camping? I want to do that. a lottt. camp. yes.
It’s going to take a calendar and a plan of action.

Fuck. I suck at this. I got distracted by the boy getting ready for school and needing help getting his stuff ready.  I will try again tomorrow. Good thing no one reads this anymore.

2 Responses to “Up early enough to write”

  1. Catherine Cox Says:

    I do! Still got you in my feedly! :)

    I feel like it is summer today too, maybe since it’s my birthday month, yay! Camping and travel sound like good plans – enjoy! We’re doing the travelling this summer: PEI, my parents and sister in France, and Stockholm (never been, excited!)

    See you on Facebook!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Still here too. :) Miss your writing– FB while quicker just isn’t the same.