Random and Odd

well that was dumb…



Words are the most awesome things in the whole world.  Just a handful of letters in our alphabet and a everyone has a way of stringing them together to create stories, helpful advice, love letters or beautiful songs.  Sadly it goes both ways and words can be used to hurt.


See, there’s this thing.  I am ridiculed for the mistakes I have made in this life when it comes to love.  I have NEVER made the right choice and I have loved all the wrong people. Even the people that have been wonderful are subjects to the ‘mistakes mom has made.’

Alas, I will just silently walk out of the dating ring and hopefully after a million years go by my children will have forgotten my mistakes and only remember that I did once love, even if they weren’t the people they thought I should.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • Cricky

    Stop it…
    It’s WAY more important that your girls see you love & be loved than it is to allow their ridicule to rule your choices.

    People are going to make fun of stuff, but I really thought better of the Stone Kids.

    I’m disappointed your girls chose to rib you about your dating choices/life right now…one day, if they’re ever reminded of their own failures or short comings, maybe they’ll realize how incredibly unkind they were to you in this moment.

  • Kelly

    While you’ve learned about yourself and what you need in a partner (or don’t need)…so have they. To that end what would you’ve taught them had you stayed or not broken up, instead?

    Cricky’s comments are on point.

  • Karen

    How sad and short books would be if everyone loved the right one. What about music and movies? Where would all of the florists get part time jobs? What about Dear Abby?
    What a disappointment love would be if it were mundane.
    Get out there girl, love is a battlefield!

  • Closet Metro

    Take a break. I did it for years. And years. And years. There’s nothing wrong with not being ready to be in a relationship, or dating, or whatever. Your heart will know when it is ready.