Random and Odd

Ready for Graduation!

On Monday, Victoria and I ran out at Sculpture Park and as beautiful as it was she insisted that we needed to do Ancil Hoffman park again before our run on Saturday.
Today I headed out in her direction and got totally lost and ended up in Fair Oaks. By the time I got to the house I was in a pissy mood.
Her friend Laura is visiting from Alaska and I have found that all of Victoria’s friends that live in Alaska are badasses so I skipped the pre run we normally do and decided to dive right into the 28 minute run.
Victoria has done the 25 minute run and she looked pretty solid after we were finished so I bumped us up to the 28 minute one.
A mile into it my calf decided to scream at me. I took a minute to take my long sleeve shirt off and stretch out as she caught up to me…and then she passed me with no intention of stopping. I walked for a minute and then began trotting up behind her.
Checking my watch I said, “You just ran 2 miles non stop!” *HIGH FIVE* and we kept going until my watch announced it was time to start our cool down.
“Oh hell no, you’re not stopping. Let’s go for 30 minutes!” and she kept going.
The 30 minute mark came and went and we continued to run.
Checking my watch again I noticed that we were almost to 2 and half miles. She said she would start walking at that point…so I didn’t tell her when we got there and just kept running.

The badass thing about Victoria is that she won’t stop running unless I stop. Today I stopped and she kept going and when I saw that I had this huge smile on my face. She knew we weren’t done and she knew I would catch up with her in a minute after I got all my shit put back together.

At 2.7 we passed the car and kept going. The days of having to shout out at her how long we have left or words of encouragement are no longer needed.
My watch beeped at 3 miles and slowed to a walk and held out my hand, “HERE IS YOUR FINISH LINE!” and she ran it in.

She ran for 44 straight minutes and ran 3 miles without stopping.

We officially have 3 weeks left of this program, but now she can’t ever say she can’t do it. She will always know that no matter what time or distance I put as her goal that she CAN do it.

Back in September we made a bet that if I won, she would have to run a half with me. If she won I would have to wear a jersey of team I hate.
She was so nervous that she would have to run a half marathon if she lost the bet. She didn’t lose though.
Today I sent her the training program for a half. She’s excited!