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Happy Birthday, Susie

I was lucky enough to be allowed in the emails that started this birthday wish for you, Susie.
As they came pouring in I thought, “How the hell am I going to be able to even come close or find something that hasn’t been said already?
Well the answer is, I can’t. You have such amazing people in your life that love you so much that they used up all the words to express how much you mean to them.
All I can say is; you are the rock and glue that holds our blog family together. I love you and all the strength you have brought to us when we were down and the praises you bestowed upon us during the high times.
Your Princess.

Now I give to you;  To and About Susie

How could anyone NOT love Susie? Without her, I wouldn’t have the term “Booty Flies” in my vocabulary;  I wouldn’t have sisters in my life;  my husband wouldn’t have had his Lyme Disease diagnosed as quickly as he did;  and, my Christmas tree wouldn’t have crabs.
Susie, may this 40-tenth birthday of yours usher in an era of good health,  and may the year ahead shower you with laughter, love and peace in the same measure as you give the same things to the world at large.  I love you, my sister.  Happy Birthday!

Love, Shari


Oh, Susie – well, you came and you gave without taking While I acted so gay Oh, Susie – made me drinks that were stirred and not shaken Where is Gumby today?

For the bootyflies, and the Gumby porn, and the monkey socks, and the Angel Tamponia, and for putting up with all of my bullshit during my Big Fat Mid-Life Crisis, and for being my innernets adopted sister, I salute you, send you all my love, and wish you the happiest of birthdays! Now, go eat some cake before I start blubbering.




There are well over 50 reasons why I love Susie, but the main reason is that she has booty flies.  Every time I think of her booty flies, I am overcome with laughter; just the mere hint of the story sets me to giggling.  Another reason I adore her is because she’s a fiercely loving, strong, soft-hearted, kind, involved, and in-love parent to her daughter, LG.  I so admire her adoration of, concern for, and involvement in her child’s life.  Susie also loves Our Lord, and she seems to integrate that fact into every aspect of her life so seamlessly and effortlessly.  I pray that Susie’s 50th birthday, and all the many, many birthdays and years ahead, are filled with as much love and support as we blogfriends know she so richly deserves.  I love you, Susie Fairchild!!!
Love, Raz


In the years I have known Susie I have seen her in top form, and have seen her when she was sick and weighted with despair.  Through that time,  her courage, her unflagging good humour, her optimism, and her calling to reach out and help people has been an inspiration to us all.  

I gravitate towards people who make me laugh, and of course she does that.  But in so many other ways, my friendship with Susie nourishes my soul.  I feel like a better person just because Susie is in my life.

Plus, you know, she has great hooters.

Don’t wanna be
Tardy to the Par-tay

On Susie’s Birth-day

Everybody do a little Birthday Dance.

This is also where you’re glad this isn’t video.

Have a wonderful day – no a wonderful YEAR!

You don’t look a bit older than the day I met you.

Happy Birthday! From Allisone

A Haiku for Susie:

Susie, I celebrate you

Thankfully grateful

For your effervescent charm

From Sue (of the Charlotte and Sue variety)

Susie is the first person I adopted as my blog sister.  I love her sense of humor, from the booty flies to the best Thanksgiving turkey post ever.  She’s been through so many different ups and downs since I first knew her but she still has that sense of humor.  I’m so blessed to have been able to meet her in real life, too.  There’s no way I can do her justice here, so I’ll just say “Susie, I love you and Happy Birthday.”


Something Susie said on my blog:
March 22, 2005
“I knew I would like writing, so that’s why I started. What I had no idea about was how wonderful it would be to meet the bloggers, the commenter’s, to chat and tease and play with them, and care about them. It is an alternate universe here. I have tried to tell non-bloggers about it, and they don’t quite get it. I think it’s like Mark Twain said, about faith: for those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who don’t, none is possible.”
I am very happy to have “met” you, Susie.  You add to my life.
Love, Joseph (Greenthumb)

Susie just makes the world a better place. That is really all I need to say because someone here will most definitely say what i WANT to say more eloquently and wittier than I ever could. Susie has always been there for me, I mean, REALLY been there for me. I could not be happier that our worlds collided in the blogosphere and she has deemed me worthy to hang with her in any capacity. I love you Susie, you are an amazing person…I am honored to be your friend. Happy Birthday!!!
Love, Jana


Online there’s a woman named Susie

Whose sense of humor is quite a doozy

She jokes and she rants

‘Til I pee in my pants

Happy Birthday, you crazy old floozy!





“If Jesus was a team captain in a gym class and he was picking teams, he would pick Susie first. Not because of her religious beliefs but because she is honest, caring, funny, loyal to her friends (and team mates) and she is just a blast to be around. If the Devil were a team captain in a gym class, he would pick Susie first for the same reasons. And she is not afraid to say Motherfucker.”
Love, Bill


Please feel free to wish our amazing friend, Susie a VERY happy 20+30 birthday!
(even if you did on her Facebook page, it won’t hurt to do it again!)