Time Warp…

Author: randomandodd  |  Category: Random

At least two times a week we are watching Rocky Horror Picture Show.   As many times as it has been on, I still haven’t watched the whole thing yet.  I have seen some of the first, a tiny bit of the middle, but the end I have seen about 15 times now.

I roll my eyes whenever the dancing and singing starts (half the time the movie doesn’t have to be on) but the truth is, it actually makes me laugh.

4 Responses to “Time Warp…”

  1. Connie T. Says:

    I just put the Time Warp song on my MP3 player the other day.

  2. justme Says:

    I haven’t seen that in years and years!

  3. ~Easy Says:

    Is it wrong that I really did think that Tim Curry was sexy?

  4. Carolyn J. Says:

    Easy – it’s so wrong, it’s right all over again.