Random and Odd

my name on the title…my money in the gas tank…her Jeep.

She is finally legal to drive.
I couldn’t be more proud of her.
She’s safe, except for that crazy pull out in front of the car thing and her dramatic hands when telling a story and forgetting to hold onto the wheel, but no…really…she’s a great driver.

We went driving today to find a place to get some updated pictures of her. Only once did my ass pucker up in fear. For someone that has/had acute anxiety disorder, she did a pretty good job at making me feel safe.

She’ll do great if she doesn’t take on her father’s ‘riding up on someone’s ass because they are driving too slow’ and my ‘i didn’t have to stop for that stop sign, it had white borders’ driving habits.

Congrats Bear Bear!  Welcome to what FREEDOM truly feels like!

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