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Wild at Heart…

Kara went to each of my sky dives and she would watch the training video.  After the hour introduction she would say, “I want to do it!”
You have to be 18 before you can sky dive and she was more than willing to wait. She’s an aries though…and aries want it now, if not yesterday.
When I started my training at Lodi, I found out that you can be 16 with a parents signature.  I told Kara and after thinking about it for 3 seconds she said, “Okay!”

Yesterday we got up and headed out to the drop zone so she could jump out of a plane.  I paid for the observation instead of jumping with her.  I did this for a couple of reasons, but the main reason was I wanted this to be about her.
John was shadowing her with Chocolate as her tandem and Stephanie as the camera/video person.

Sitting on the plane with her was eating me up. She was near the front and I was shoved in the back with other tandems. When the door opened and everyone was making their way to the door, the fact that I didn’t have a rig attached to my back was the only thing stopping me from jumping out the door…and even with that HUGE fact, it was still pretty hard.  I watched her as she waddled forward and the only part I remember was her feet leaving the side of the plane…and then she was gone.  I scrambled to the window on the side of the plane she has just jumped out of, but she was probably already 3,000 feet down.  “Go little Bear!”

The plane landed just as she came down under canopy.  “That’s my daughter! Did you see that?” I asked the pilot and the other observer.  I launched myself out of the plane when he finally stopped it, only to come face to face with my instructor. “I didn’t jump! My daughter did! Did you see her!? She’s right there!!!” I didn’t stop to hear his reply.

After my first jump, I kept saying, “I just jumped out of a mother fuckin’ plane!” at random moments.   I ran up to Kara and said, “You just jumped out of a plane!”  and she corrected me, “I just jumped out of a muther frakking plane!”

Thank you, John, Chocolate and Stephanie for making Kara’s first jump a great one.

Her debriefing words go something like this, “I’m going to have to do it again because it just doesn’t feel like I really did it. I’m not going to jump into AFF like you did, but I do want to go through it for my senior project.  That was AWESOME!”

Proud doesn’t cover it.

Watch Kara’s Video: CLICK HERE