Alyx 1 – Mom 0

Having already gone through raising two 12 year old girls, I figured Alyx would be the same.  Boy crazy, school is only for socializing and ignoring my parental demands.  She isn’t like most 12 year olds.  Boys are an after thought, school is for socializing, but it’s also about getting good grades and go figure she listens to me when I tell her do something and not once has she rolled her eyes.

She’s also about questioning absolutely everything.  She also has a very firm opinion on everything.

The other day she noted I was not wearing underwear.
“Oh God, that could be the grossest thing in the whole wide world.” She started to lose color in her face.
“Alyx, i’m wearing yoga sweats, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s more comfortable.”  I point out, while realizing i’ve never done yoga in my life, but enjoy the comfort of those damn sweats more than my own car.
“Mom, put on a pair of underwear. It’s so ghetto that you’re not wearing any!” She puts her foot down and I just smile at her and go about my cleaning.

About an hour later I call her into my room to gather her folded laundry.  “Alyx is this your bottom sheet?”
“Uh. Yeah. I don’t need it though because I lay on top of my bedding and use my comforter.”
“No, you’re going to put the bottom sheet on your bed. It’s where it belongs and contrary to popular belief, we are not white trash.”
“I don’t need it though. It’s comfortable without it.”
“Put it on your bed!”
“How is this ANY different than you not wearing underwear?”

I had to hurry up and high tale it into my closet before I burst into laughter.

“Well mom? Do I have to put this sheet no my bed?” I can hear her snickering.
“Get out of my room, Alyx…you win this one…but don’t you dare start gloating!”

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