Random and Odd

To say, ‘we have some stuff going on…’ would be a massive understatment…

I realize it’s been forever since I have posted a damn thing about anything with someone in this house…
Funny things have happened here, but I’m still trying to get a grasp on how to deal with all the stuff that is going to be able to fully be able to laugh at stuff.

I had to stop the Chantix. I’m not exactly sure is one of the side effects was causing this uncomfortable problem, but I wasn’t taking any chances.   I did notice that the taste of cigs did get a 1% less appealing, but other than that, 2 weeks of it didn’t work.  I realized that i’m not addicted to the crap IN the cig..I’m addicted to the act of smoking.  I love smoking…the act and intimacy of it.  Can someone PLEASE invent a cig that I can smoke that won’t freaking kill me. I will smoke freaking lettuce leaves if someone will roll it and put a damn filter on it!
I know I need ‘rules’ to smoking if I am going to quit on my own without pills or patches.  I just don’t want to swallow another pill unless it’s a vitamin….and I don’t do patches after that one time with that one (top of the ‘most embarrassing moment’ list).   Sorry to let you all down on that one…and the whole losing weight thing…and everything else I have managed to fail at.

I am pretty close to seeing all the stupid movies for the grammy…oscar…what the hell am I watching all these damn movies again for?

See? losing my mind.

I did clean the garage. FREAKING excited about THAT.  Throwing away about 90% of what we own!! :)