Random and Odd

As far as I can remember…

When I was very little my mom and dad were given a book from a friend called, “Kinship with the Stars – A Photographic Celebration of Life”

I somehow ended up with it in my room. I can only remember a few books from when I was a kid; a dinosaur book & sleeping beauty. This was a grown up book and I was gifted it from my mom because it wasn’t ‘her thing’. It wasn’t really my thing either, but the pictures in the book always made me make up stories in my head.
As I got older and the words from the book began to make sense to me, I found myself still relating to the pictures, even if they didn’t match the words written on the page. The pictures could be anything, I could close my eyes and imagine what was going on all around the focused part of the picture.

When I moved out and took all my albums, pen collection, and random cut outs from teen magazines…I also grabbed that book. Right now, it’s in a box in my garage and I hadn’t thought of it for a million years until someone asked me, “What was it that got you into photography?”

That book. A book of pictures and abstract words that made things sound so cool. A book. How friggin’ cool is that?

Email me the link to one of YOUR pictures that you would submit to a book called “Kinship with the Internet – A photographic celebration”
If you’re better at writing, write something really bad ass that makes random stuff sound cool.

Links people…links.