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because you asked…

On occasion I get an email saying how much people love the relationship that my mom, sister and I have.   Sometimes people say, “I wish I could hang out with you guys…I bet it would be fun.”

I have been trying to locate CD’s that I have misplaced (kids stole) and I ran across 2  (ones I stole from my sister) the title is my mother’s handwriting that says; ‘Copy of Kathy’s funky CD’.
If my sister made a CD it’s going to be rockin’ so I grabbed it as I headed out of the house.  The first song, “Bad Mama Jamma” (of course) and I instantly was in a good mood.  After flipping through the tracks I said to myself, “Now where is ‘the floor’? It’s gotta be on here.” and low and behold it was the next song. Insta-grin.

The floor is OUR song.  If there is a time we are together and we are groovin’ to music, that song has to be played.  In fact, I would go as far to say that at each of our funerals that it will probably be played and the remaining two will be groovin’.

I thought I would share it with you. Pretend you’re hanging out…but get up and dance, because you can’t just listen to it:

Johnny Gill – The Floor

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  • dashababy

    Oy, I wish I had a quarter for everytime we listened/danced/had the best times, most memorable times with that song. Oh yeah, and don’t forget, you have to blast it loud,,,and then play it again because once is not enough.
    Love you ho bunch.

  • Ferngoddess

    Somehow it seems like it has been so much longer since you posted. I am stuck in a time void

    a few days seems like weeks weeks weeks
    I am shameful I can’t say crap well I can say crap but well that is not my point and frankly right now I don’t know that I really have a point so someone took the kitchen mixer opened up my skull and turned it on but yea the floor.