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Happy Mother’s Day

This picture was actually taken a long time ago, but it’s still my favorite. My mom loves her kids and grandkids, step grandkids and great granddaughter. She is hands down, the best mom ever. I know you all think you have the best mom, but really, if you could hang out with MY mom, you’d agree with me.

Today I was thinking about ‘moms’ and how blessed I am to be one. Life hasn’t ever been the same. I have made monumental mistakes as a parent. Then again, the smartest choices I have made in life were made because I was a parent.

I want everyone to feel appreciated today:
Single mothers – I have a bunch and I have to say, you guys are so much stronger than I ever could be.
Mothers of children with disabilities – I am in awe of the backbone you have at all times. You have to be brave and strong when all you feel like doing is crying.
Mothers with disabilities – God has a special place in heaven for you, because you keep a face of courage when you’re feeling weak and tired.
Mothers with young children – You have years of scratches and bruises and worry, yet you keep smiling through the frustration of wet beds and temper tantrums.
Mothers with grown children – You have been through it all, yet you still lay awake and hope your kids are happy and healthy.

There are other types of mothers. Army moms, moms of missing children, moms with children in jail…millions of types of mothers, working moms, stay at home moms….and the dads out there are also ‘mom’. You are appreciated by me.

When they say, “Being a mother is the hardest job”…they were NOT kidding.
Hope you all have a moment of happiness today, you know…when you’re not stressing out, worried, frustrated, changing diapers and all the fun stuff that goes along with your title as ‘Mom’.

this post might be missing some of these ; ( ‘ ) deal with it. It’s MY day.