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Throwing in the Towel for SPF

spf towel

This is what is has come to. Our 3 cameras are now safely placed in our Pelican case and in order to take a half way decent picture, we now have to get into the case, pull everything out and assemble it. Alright, it only takes a few minutes, but the work of actually taking everything out and making sure it’s safe (and not left in a bad part of town) is getting to be a hassle that I don’t even take pictures anymore.
When I pulled out Sherman (the d300 tank) and snapped the shot, I got that tingly feeling again…that satisfying release of the shutter sound. Waves of happiness as I was taking a picture…of a towel.

It’s my reminder that I will take more pictures this weekend and next week. I do need more suggestions for the upcoming weeks of Stuff Portrait Friday. Please. I have some, but need more. When you leave a comment, please add at least one thing you would like to take a picture of in the upcoming weeks. The person who calls it, gets a little something and a direct linky to their site so they can brag about picking the theme. I know, I’m reaching. Shut up.

In other news…dooce is going to be on Good Morning America. Many of us know each other from stalking each other on her comments about 3 years ago. It’s Cray-ON though. Gotta side with reality.
AND in even BIGGER news…I made it on Urban Dictionary dot com for my lovely, little description of ‘internet balls’. The honor is overwhelming and I can’t go into description of the ghetto urban dance I did when I saw it there. I’m hoping that they send me some bling and big hat I can wear sideways. *shit, I am so yuppie suburban that sentence didn’t even make sense to me*

and sidenote: i uh..i’m going to Kaiser’s radiology department tomorrow for some tests. little prayer. just little ones. please.

Okay, stalkers…did you play?

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