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Stuff Portrait Friday – Your Favorite Picture

I’m going to have to get back in the habit of remembering to post Stuff Portrait Friday pictures.

This week, this is my favorite picture.  For a lot of reasons.  This weekend my first born turns 15 years old.  Just typing that makes me get that tingle in my nose and knot in my throat.  Fifteen years old. Jesus, when did that happen?

The picture above was taken when she was 9 months old. This was about a week before her great grandmother passed away.  If you were to tell me 14 years ago, the pain of losing my grandma wouldn’t hurt so bad, I wouldn’t have believed you.  It’s gotten better, but every year on Kara’s birthday, I remember her. She was named after my grandma Carolyn.  She was so happy that someone had named their baby after her.

When Kara was a baby, I spent a lot of time up in Shingletown with my mom, dad and grandma. She got to spend time with her before she passed on.  It’s a reminder of how short life is and tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

SPF: If this is your first time;  Go find your favorite picture. Post it on your blog. Give us a few sentences on why it’s your favorite. Ask who else played. Come back here and let me know you played. Check out everyone else’s pictures and leave a comment.  IT’S THAT EASY!

Well…Did you play?