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That sound you hear, it’s my tummy grumbling.

This last week, physically, has been rough on me. The diet is draining me of energy (I thought there was none to start with!) Today, I got vertigo. The whooshing in my ears.
After sitting down for awhile and getting up super slow, I was alright.

We leave for Reno today for the Matchbox 20 concert. The road to Reno is currently being dumped with snow. Did I ever tell you how much I just lurve driving in snow? LOVE IT! (please detect the sarcasm)

No matter what, despite the circumstances, I am going to have fun. How could I not? hot tub IN.THE.ROOM. Matchbox 20, the smell of hotel towels, TWO TEENAGE GIRLS who 89% of the time want to slash each other’s throat.

*I just posted a bulletin on MySpace with the title “Webcams throughout the house” there isn’t a chance Tyler won’t open that bulletin. This is what it says:

Going to Reno for the night to see Matchbox 20 concert with Shaun, Marina and Kara.

Tyler will be here at the house. with the two guard dogs trained to attack with the words “Who’s There?” or “You home?” or “Keg’s Here” (the black dog hasn’t learned ‘release’ yet and usually attacks your pockets or the area in between)

For those of you ‘watching the house’ I hooked up the wireless webcams and all you need to do is log into the live feed stream.

If anyone wants the url for the live feed stream, shoot me an email.

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  • randomandodd

    Thank you Dave. I thought so. It’s hard to write CERTAIN things on MySpace when you’re followed by a bunch of kids…so you have to work around it.

    and Uh…HELLO…this was, to quote, “UTTER CLASSIC” and only Dave leaves a comment?

    Did you all go get a damn life and not tell me?

  • KimmyK

    Hope the concert is a blast!!! I would love to see that video- haha
    be safe and have a blast –
    PS the tummy grumble – that sounds like Poo Bear!