Random and Odd

Told Ya So!

I’m hoping that every month I can make one of these as a reminder of what was important this month.

First of, McLovin…He has fit in perfectly. In fact, he came up to me today and put his face right up to mine and was THIS close to giving me a kiss.  His teenage insecurity might have made him chose against it though.
He did spend hours studying for a test last night, so he might have just been tired.

Drama broke lose last week. One of those drama filled few days that ironically didn’t involve a single teenager!  People who I thought were friends were making up wonderful stories about me.  What gets me is, there is the biggest grab bag of crap that’s true to bash me with, why make up stuff?  Either way, it made me realize that, yes…people deserve another chance…but after like 5 tries I have to walk away.  What do you call someone that doesn’t own up to their responsibility in problems? Anyway…

I’m working on getting stuff worked out on my page.  You know me, at least 3 times a year, I need a change.

Thanks again for all the awesome links, PLEASE feel free to send me a link at anytime. Even if it’s just to yours to say, “I have good (or bad) news and I want someone to come over and check it out. Mkay?”

I’ve been battling a bunch of roller coaster crap. My fingers have been gnawed down to the bone.  It’s 3am and I am finally tired.

Let me know how this looks in all your different browsers.