Random and Odd

It wouldn’t be a new year without it…

I remember every ‘crash’ and what it took with it.

The great crash of 2002 wiped out all my pictures. It took me days to be able to climb out of bed after that one.  All the ones before that were annoying, but they didn’t cause my heart to break.
I did learn after the crash of 2002 that “The Blue Screen Of Death” means business and should not be messed with.

When I first got my lap top, I had to send it back in because it kept losing the wireless and come to find out, the model I bought is notorious for it.

Welcome 2008 and guess where my laptop is?  Yeah…HP.  (Shut up Mac users!)

I lost ALL my emails.  I had JUST backed up all my pictures the night before in preparation for the disaster. I didn’t think about the emails that would be lost though.

So I will be using this time semi-computerless to do the things I have been thinking about.

1. Yoga.
2. Reorganizing every thing I can find.
3. trying to pull that large object lodged in my arse. Oh, that would be my head.