Oh, the things I will realize!

As Shaun and I were dodging a car coming straight for us in the Safeway parking lot, I realized that If I were to die, the last post that you would read was about my cootchie and my boobs. As great as a book that would make for my daughters to write about me after I die, ‘My Mother, her Coochie, and the Blog she wrote…’ I sort of didn’t want to go out that way.

Today is Kara’s final day of her 2 week (but feels like 6 week) play she has been in. It’s based on “Ever After” with Drew Barrymoore. We waited until the last showing, not because we know the final show is going to be better than all the others, but because we are lazy parents. We are, right now, debating if we should go or just drop the flowers off backstage with a card. She only has 3 words in the whole play. *sigh* Yeah, we will go. Because, damn it…we support her.
Actually, I am proud of her. From the second she was born she has NEVER been afraid of being the center of attention. She started ‘acting’ when she was 4 years old in a ‘Disney’ type of play. She went to talent shows and sang in front of strangers and even at the school in front of people she KNEW. I would go and watch to make sure no one made fun of her. I would beat them to death if they tried.
Last year she got the lead in Alice and Wonderland. This year, being a freshman she had to take a lesser role. I’m almost certain by the time she’s a senior in high school she will be RUNNING the drama classes herself. WHICH, will be nice because the damn drama teacher needs a swift kick in the ass for keeping the kids every single day for 5 hours after school…AND on Halloween..to ‘practice’.

And, I better walk out the door in 4 minutes or I am going to be late for this wonderfully, WELL practiced…play.

*** UPDATE ***

Everyone showed up for the play and it was great. My daughter ROCKS!

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  • kimmyk

    I agree. This is a much better post to die on then the chairs and anxiety.
    I mean at least she can read here how you would kill someone if they made fun of her. I don’t care who you are-that oozes a mothers love right there.

    I’m so glad Abbie has gotten out of school dramas. Oh she’s like Kara, a freshman and full of the drama, just it’s done without a sold out show every night seeing her perform. She saves all the drama for her momma, but she’s not gettin’ flowers from me, damnit. I can only take so much ya know? Okay then.

    Well, I don’t want your last post if you should die [BOB forbid!] to be me moaning about freshman girls and all their drama, so I will say…..

    Pretty flower! and WAY TO GO KARA!!! Knock ’em dead girl!
    Good on you and Shaun for supporting the arts Kristine. You’re such a good mom!

  • Beth

    She looks like an actress on TV….of course I cant place what show she was in right this moment….but she does…take my word for it.

    And this is a much beter post to leave as the last one. But we dont want you to die any time soon…..that would be HORRIBLE!

  • Kelly

    Someday, when she makes her acceptance speach for her Academy Award, Emmy or Tony, she will say, “And thanks to my Mom, her coochie and her boobs!” and I will laugh my ass off!

    Way to go Kara. Way to go Mom & Dad!

    What ever happened to Alice in Wonderland? Is that one over? Was there ever video?