Random and Odd

New Rules

Here it is: Plan NOTHING to do on the day of Homecoming or any proms until 2016. If you do anything other than drive around all day, catering to your children’s needs —> you will spend the next day in bed with a headache that feels like you have partied with the Captain and did some swinging from the chandlers. Seriously. Homecoming and Prom preparation is a full day ordeal.

Yes, I will have at least one kid in high school until 2016. Scary huh? The scary part is it will be a girl in high school. Can someone calculate how much money I will have to spend on dresses, tickets, flowers, hair, nail, transportation and everything that comes along with dances and girls for the next 9 years?

Last night was homecoming in the Random and Odd house. Tyler being a senior went out to dinner with his date. The girls being freshman…they settled for dinner at home. It’s strange how my house becomes the vortex of kids when there is a school function. We managed to feed 10 kids and 2 adults.

Kara called about an hour after leaving, she wasn’t feeling good and needed to come home. I didn’t know if it was a ‘don’t feel good’ or ‘was teased and wants the floor to suck her up’. For the 10 minutes it took for Shaun to pick her up I had every thought pass through my head. It’s hard not to want to cry for your child when she gets so excited about something and then have it crushed.
I realized something last night; The heartache of having a daughter in high school is unexplainable.

And think, I only have how many more years of that heartache?