Welcome Bob…the new tooth


Back in July, Kara had her oral surgery where they cut into her gums and put a bracket on her front tooth, put a chain on it, sewed her back up and then we had to wait for the tooth to come down.

The Orthodontist put some crazy wire thing on her braces and attached the chain to it. Within 24 hours we finally saw the tooth breaking through. It was coming in almost completely sideways, but HOLY HELL it was coming down!
3 weeks later, the tooth had come down a little bit, but not enough to be jumping for joy about.

The Orthodontist tightened up the crazy wire thing and within 24 hours the tooth was half way down. Nearly sideways, but it was half way down. We had a half a tooth.

The crazy wire thing began to dig into her lip and we were going to need it adjusted so on Thursday I took her in. The Orthodontist decided it was time to put a real bracket on it.

The VERY NEXT MORNING…WE HAVE FULL TOOTHAGE!! Not only did the bracket bring her tooth 95% down, it straightened it out!!

Sometimes I forget that you all have been around watching the growth of my children. This is a HUGE growth spurt in my daughter’s life. Here is her new tooth…we named him Bob.

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  • Karoli

    My daughter had the exact same situation with her left front tooth. It’s got to be one of the most painful procedures ever. We used to joke about getting her chain yanked, but even with the jokes, she hated it.

    Until now. She just finished Phase 2 and got her braces off about a month ago. After all the pain, this is the result. That smile makes it all worthwhile.

    Congrats on the birth of the tooth!

  • traci

    My oldest daughter had a tooth just like that only it was the one next to the front teeth. She still has a power chain but damn if that tooth didn’t come down where we could see it posthaste! She’s a tough little chickie ’cause she didn’t even cry about it. It must have hurt like a b*tch though! Yay for your girlie!!! She stunning by the way.

  • Lisa

    Hi there Bob! What a great change! I hope the tooth isn’t mobile with all of that rapid movement. Basically, when teeth move through the bone like that, little munchers called osteoclasts resorb the bone and little builders (like Bob the Builder) comes along behind it and build new bone back up. If it happens too fast, the builders can’t keep up and the tooth can become loose or the root of the tooth can become permanently shortened.

    So there’s your Dentistry 101 lesson for this Sunday. ;-)

  • jana

    Like I said earlier I had the same surgery but there was a lot more tugging involved. I had a loop sticking out my gums and each month the ortho would YANK on it (with no warning) until the tooth finally came down, about 4-5 months later. Talk about torture.

    So glad hers was less so!! Bob is a great addition to the pearly family. She is just as beautiful as ever.

  • Carolyn J.

    I’m thinking about those Toyota truck commercials with giant chains pulling sea cans up cliffs.

    I couldn’t find an “It’s A Tooth” card to send, so I will say congratulations here. You should also find out who the orthodont of the girl on the left is – she’s got hella straight teeth!