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Dear Kath,

Hey sister my sister. Remember when I started this blog and it was just so you and mom could drop in and see how I was doing because I am the lousiest caller-backer EVER?
Tonight is a reminder of the good ol’ days. Kind of give the outside world a view in to our bizarre conversations.
Either they will be bored to death or think I have officially lost my mind.

My hair…I finally like the color. It took longer than I thought it was going to, but the colors now finally work together and it’s nearly time to come up and let you abuse me again. I found the hair that grows in the middle of my forehead the other day. It has been removed so that was robbed from you. *evil laughter*

It’s 10pm. You called earlier and sounded like you were in a great mood…damn kids calling and getting me all forgetful. Sorry. I guess you’re probably in bed now. Snoring like a drunken sailor.

It rained here today. BAD. Thunder and lightening and everything. Reminded me of when we lived in the trailer and Sissy and Sadie would hide in the bath tub.

I’m doing okay. I was reading some posts from last year and was reminded how much my family is the medication I need. I know, I know…I don’t want to hear it. I can’t move back to Redding. I won’t move back to Redding. We will just have to find a way to make our visits last longer and more often. I want to see Barry too. I miss him…us…how we all laugh until we cry when we are together. I would suggest a family reunion, but that would just send all of us anxiety people into a spiral of Eeyoreness (yes, I am making that a word) I hate that someone has to die for all of us to get together. I know next month is one of Terry’s daughters wedding and I’ll be up there for that. Not the same though.

I miss mom too. Even when she’s all jacked up and grumpy. I miss her. There are times when I just want to throw my hands up in the air and say, “Screw it. Someone else take care of this shit. I’m leaving for a week.” It just never seems to be able to happen. Between doctor visits, orthodontic appointments, school crap and work…I just can’t say, ‘fuck it.’

Looking at my calendar, I’m booked EVERY DAMN WEEKEND for the next few months. This up coming weekend I have Alisyn’s baby shower, the week after that a birthday party…the week after that is a wedding…does it end?
I’m about to pull my hair out with all the stuff. and stuff. and more stuff.

How about you, me, a beach with a cock in our hand? Damn, do I miss having a plan for something with you. Something to look forward to. It makes me want to cry. Oh shit, I am crying.

I have been sitting on Southwest airlines website for days on end just waiting for something. Something that says, “Hey, book me. You, your sister, your mom…GO. NOW. GO!”

I miss you, Kath… I love you too.


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  • Kimberly Keith

    Shoot – I’ve been so missing my sister lately too and you got me all teary-eyed. The fact that you signed your name Krissy-pooh put me over the edge, cause that’s what I call my sister Kris. :-( Damnit, now I’m crying!

  • randomandodd

    I’m sorry Kimberly! I know…I miss her so much!!

    Renee…when we went to Maui like ten years ago, Kathy had said, “I just can’t wait to be sitting on the beach with a cock in my hand!” — She was trying to say, ‘with a cocktail in my hand.’. Could have been worse, she could have said, ‘cock in my tail’.

    Traci…you can borrow my sister. She’s the best!

  • traci

    Well, now I’m crying. First you let me borrow your sister and then your mom says *she’s* crying because she Misses You So Much. Kristine, I know without a doubt my mom never said that to me. You are blessed dear girl. It warms my heart to read at this place of yours. Peace.

  • dashababy

    Shhhhit… Where’ve I been? I cant believe that I missed this one. I miss you too brat. Never say never. Someday I’ll figure out a way to get you here. I’ll just keep praying til then. Welp, I’m glad ya miss me. Thanks. Love ya xoxoxoox

  • little sister

    hey – I remember those days, too. Reading posts/comments by you and dashababy seemed like reading conversations I have with my own sister :)

    You write so well that now I’m in a good mood…even the stuff that makes me teary-eyed puts me in a good mood :)