Random and Odd

I don’t want them to ever grow up!

Still being in my ‘funky disco’ groove from the concert, I was blaring “She’s A Bad Mama Jama on the way over to drop the girls off at Dan’s for Karate. Shea and Alyx both know the song and they are grooving right along with me, singing just as loud as I am.

I’m reminded of the laugh that my sister got when I confessed to her that I never really knew what the singer was saying in this certain part of the song.
SIDENOTE: To fully be able to appreciate this part of the story you will have to know this song. If you’ve never heard this song, the humor will be lost on you…so just go read another blog or download the song.

Actual Lyrics:
Her body measurements are perfect in every dimension
She’s got a figure that’s sho’ ‘nuff gettin’ attention
She’s poetry in motion, a beautiful sight to see
I get so excited viewin’ her anatomy

My messed up lyric:
I get so excited with you, her, Adam and me.

So I decided because *I* had messed up the lyrics so bad for so long, I can only imagine how bad the kids are destroying them. I have them listen to that part of the song and then turned off the cd player. “What do you think he said right there, the part right after ‘beautiful sight to see’?”
Alyx looks at me all weird and makes me giggle with what she thought.
Shea pipes up from the back seat and it was pretty funny.
I share what I thought the lyrics were saying and of course, it was WAY worse than what they came up with so they get a bigger laugh at my expense.

After I turn the song back on, Shea asks, “What’s he saying RIGHT THERE?”
I say, ” She’s a bad mama jama”
Shea then lets out a big sigh and says, “Oh, Alyx was right.”
Knowing this is going to be good, I turn down the stereo just loud enough for her to sing what she thought the guy was saying.

As it came back around she sang, loudly, in key, “She’s got Batman Pajamas!”

I know I joke about peeing myself…but this time, full bladder loss. I really wish they could stay this age forever.