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First High School Dance

Marina and Kara get along SO great before dances.

By the end of the dance they are bickering and fighting.


And Kara had a crappy time at the dance because of a boy flirting with her ALL the time BEFORE the dance, and then it comes around and he stands there and watches her dance.
Most would say, “Oh he liked her and was too afraid to ask her to dance.”

Nope, this guy is a jerk.

Go on, tell her about your horrible dance experiences. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her how horrible mine were.

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  • momthefonz

    As Old as your Grandma is I can still remember my first dance. I told My best friend whatever you do don’t dance with him… Well she didn’t dance with him she took him outside and started making out with him… When I confronted her she said WELL I didn’t Dance with him… I just cried my heart out all the way home….

  • Jeannie

    I spent the whole time being very interested in whom Barbara N was dancing with. Mike C. My heart ached watching her. Took me a couple of years to figure out it I never did care wether or not it was him I danced with. It was HER I longed for.

  • Andrea

    oh my best and worst memories of high school are the dances. sometimes i got to dance with the guy i wanted, sometimes i had to watch him dance with someone else. kara, there will be good dances too!

  • gypsygrrl

    ohh. the school dance drama ~ as if there isnt enough high school drama already?

    we had a sophomore dance…it was our first “special” dance and not just the normal mixers at either our school or our brother school [i went to an all-girls catholic school] ~~~ anyway, i asked a boy in my youth group, who i had a pretty major crush on. he said yes. i was over the moon. SO excited. all my friends were going, we had our dresses, tickets, all the excitement before a special dance. and the monday before the friday night dance, he called to say he was sorry, he already told someone else he would do something. “hope you’re not mad at me…” oh NO. mad isnt even in my list of feelings.

    guys can be stupid a lot of the time in high school. take heart tho… after that year, i had awesome dates to the dances (even tho we werent really an item) we went and had fun and even tho we were just friends, he never hit on any of my friends and he always danced and hung out with me.

    hang in there kara – he’s too stupid to know an amazing girl when she is right smack in front of him. and its HIS LOSS!!!

    PS – kristing, totally cute before photos!!!

  • Aranda

    High school dances are so painful. Boys just do not seem to understand how to interact in this setting until much later in life. I can remember the guy who told me he liked me ignoring me at the dance… and then on Monday acting like nothing had changed…

  • MrsDoF

    In that picture there, Marina’s face has an expression just like Tabitha.

    I didn’t go to school dances.

    A lot of influence from my mother the Sunday School teacher.

    Mostly, I just wasn’t interested in all the need to get dressed up and be socializing that way.

    It was all I could do to wear a dress on Sundays and funerals, so I definitely did not bother for an event when I had to buy tickets.

    Hhmmm….there was that time when a bunch of us were water-skiing at the reservoir…….

    Yeah, I agree, guys can be real jerks!

  • No Dramas

    At my first high school dance a guy I had a HUGE crush on asked me to save a dance for him.
    OH. MY. GOD.
    Yet when we got to the dance and I waited all night for him to come claim his dance, he never did and yet he danced with all the other girls.
    My heart broke and I went home in tears, on the Monday he told me he coouldnt find me. I called him a liar and a jerk.

    Kara I live in Australia, so be happy in the fact that teenage boys a stupid and dumb even on the other side of the pond that seperates us. At your reunion in 10 or 15 years when your all successful and still as beautiful as you are now, and he is bald and has a huge beer belly, he is gonna realise just what he missed :)

  • Leane

    oh yeah and remind them that boys–mature much slower than girls..and some even turn into adult boys who don’t always know the right way to “BE” !!
    Not to discourage them. I married a great guy–but found a lot of frogs along the way!

  • Kara

    Awe Thank you guys. :]
    No Drama, when you wrote you lived in Australia, the voice in my head automatically started talking in the ascent.


  • Michelle

    I wish I had a sister to straighten (or do anything with) my hair before a dance. My worst dance experience? Going to my ex boyfriend’s senior prom – we lived in different towns – and since he invited me I was hoping we would get back together … well all hopes of that were lost when I got sick all over the girls bathroom FOR NO REASON. Nope not a drop of alcohol, nada. It was a disaster. He was cool enough about it but still.

    Just remember Kara – boys can be jerks and you are gorgeous!

  • WaywardGoddess

    Jr PROM the guy spilled a drink down the front of my WHITE dress! The prom was over at midnight..I was home by 11pm(and I lived 45 mins away from the prom location). It was so full of LAMENESS it doesn’t even deserve to be a memory.

  • Maria

    It is definitely his loss.

    I went to an “all girls” Catholic high school, so no school dance horror stories to share. But did I mention that it was an ALL GIRLS high school?!

  • superchick

    I always dated JERKS…. They would never go to the dances with me, so I always had to go alone or with a girlfriend.

    Turns out that my girlfriends were WAY more fun than any boy ever could be!

  • Von Krankipantzen

    My very first dance I was invited by this cute boy and he didn’t talk to me all night. Not one word. I never had a date for a dance after that. Even prom. And didn’t really care.

    Set Kara up with ‘Sixteen Candles’, ‘Pretty in Pink’ and maybe ‘Say Anything’ along with popcorn and chocolate. That should fix her up. Laughing at the clothes will too.

  • Loretta

    Oh sweetie, boys are just dumb and jerk like. You were better off dancing without him stepping all over your toes in your cute shoes anyhow!

    And how cute are they getting ready to go to the dance? I wish I had help with my hair before dances, I always had some freaky weird hair-do that I probably shouldn’t have done.

  • C

    I was a freshman and dating this super cute boy who went to another high school. He asked me to his senior prom and I was super excited. I bought the dress, shoes, EVERYTHING. A week before the dance he told me that he no longer wanted to go to the dance and he would stay home that night.

    I thought it a bit odd so I asked a very casual friend who went to the same high school as Cute Boy how prom went. We began talking and it turned out that she didn’t even know that Cute Boy and I were dating. In fact the whole time he had a girlfriend of 2 years who was a fellow senior at their high school. Cute Boy and his girlfriend went to prom together.

    I had no idea. Seriously clueless. To make it worse I was the other woman.

    Boys sucks. Just keep your eyes open and you’ll find a really good one someday.

  • Annejelynn

    i just read the post title, saw the girls and screamed inside my head, “Noooooooo” – they can’t grow up! NO! absolutely not! lock them in the attic now while you can! From here on out, it will be boys, boys, boys, boys and – and – and – – *sigh*

    Good luck.

  • Michele in Michigan

    I was in 9th grade (junior high) and my boyfriend was in 10th at the high school. He invited me to his first homecoming dance. I was so excited!

    I had a beautiful dress (lace and blue velvet). In those days (30 years ago) we didn’t know enough to coordinate. HE wore a MOSS GREEN VELVET SUIT with a bow tie–ROFLMAO. But that wasn’t the worst part.

    As we were walking into the dance at the gym, we were next to a very popular (and beautiful) couple. My “boyfriend” points to me and then to the pretty girl, nods at the popular guy and asks him, “Wanna trade?”

    I felt humiliated, but recovered enough to punch him in the chest and call my parents to come pcik me up. Asshole.