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Where are all the pictures, Kristine?

I’ve gotten a half a dozen emails asking me where are the pictures from my visit in Redding.

I’m still here.

Plans on leaving to go home were spoiled by the fact that I can barely walk. My legs from the bikini line to my knees are radioactive. About 2 inches from the girls up to my colar bone looks like someone threw battery acid on me. I was wearing a top that went up around my neck so I have this wonderful V on my chest. My mom keeps looking at it and saying, “It looks like your chest is flashing me the peace sign.”

At around 6pm I was nearing the point of throwing up from the pain so my sister and mom bullied me into using cold water and vinegar to take the sting out.
I insisted that it wasn’t needed and I wasn’t feeling like smelling like a easter egg. My sister, being the boss of me, said she would rip off my pants if I didn’t do it myself.
Earlier in the day I had pulled down my pants to go pee and took off a few layers of my skin and the scream that followed caused the pain in the bathroom to peel. I figured I might as wel do it myself or feel the wrath of a sister with a mission.

When I was giving birth all three times, my mom and sister were there as my assistant coaches. They have seens parts of my body that I haven’t seen, but there is something about laying in recliner butt naked getting wet, vinegar soaked wash clothes being put on my burned body that made me say, “This is way more of me that I ever planned on sharing with ya’all.”

I do feel a lot better though. I smell like a salad, but the sting isn’t so bad.

I’m still in Redding and plan on going home tomorrow. Please pray the pain subsides long enough for the 3 hour drive home.

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  • Maria

    Oh, I could just cry for you. Your pain is vivid in this post. I’m sending you positive, pain eliminating vibes.

  • Brenna

    try peeking at this site. I always look there if I ever need a good ‘home’ remedy. The read on the sunburn one there looks pretty interesting and hopefully helpful.

    I was blessed with olive skin, so I’ve never had a problem with burning. My brother though, he had lighter skin, and it was awful. I’ll never forget those days when we were younger, and we’d get home from the beach. He’d end up lying in bed crying in pain.

  • traci

    OMG, I can quite literally feel your pain… I’m sorry it hurts so much. Smelling like salad? For some reason that made me laugh.

  • Army of Mom

    I had that happen to me last week. Fortunately, the sting was gone within two or three days. The bad part was the itching for a week after that!

    Good luck girl.

  • kimmyk

    I love reading/hearing about the relationship you have with your sister and your mom. I never had that growing up. Still don’t. I’m envious and happy for those that do. Enjoy your break and enjoy your family.

  • BigHev

    Lord, please help kristine in this her time of need. I could use a little blessing too if’n y’ain’t too busy ‘n all.


  • dashababy

    Thanks MelanieMarie…. I had to actually start counting. I only got to 2 so she went easy like.
    You forgot to mention the whole teabagging and I thought that was the best part. I think it actually helped. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Diana called to check and see how you were doing. i told her you were better thanks to her advice about the tea bags.
    Well, that’s what 7 hours at the lake will do for ya. You’re sposta apply sunscreen every 2 hours I heard. Maybe if we hadn’t run out of it in the first hour you wouldn’t have got so fried. Better keep some lotion on those girls so they dont peel so bad . Not a good look.
    I’m glad you got to stay longer, sorry you had to be in major pain for that to happen.
    I love ya and miss ya and I’m so glad you got to come up. It was a fun time overall.

  • Karoli

    Ouch, I can feel your pain from here! We had a similar experience in Maui last March — some of us didn’t do a good job with the sunscreen application, leaving us looking as though we’d been flogged.

    The vinegar does help if you can stand smelling like a pickle.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  • MrsDoF

    I’d sure like to see a picture of the Mooshu Munkee Dog coming! I understand she’s been visiting Aunty Kathy awhile.

    Last time I had a sunburn, Noxema skin cream in a blue jar was a blessing.
    Is that stuff still made?

    I hope you feel better soon!

  • momthefonz

    Yes I Do Remember Noxema in the pretty blue jar, I’m not sure if they make that anymore but yes that did help. I Swear that I could of fried a egg on Kristines thighs they were SO HOT and RED. I’m glad her Sister TOOK charge and between to two of us we had her All Sopped up…

  • Debaser

    Ouch. Honestly, I’ve never had a sunburn like that in my life. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like, but my thoughts are with you. It’s gotta be rough.