Monday Morning…not this Monday, NEXT Monday

Kara finally got her thumbs up for her oral surgery. They are ready to slice open her gums and retrieve the tooth now that the braces have given it space to come down.

Sounds wonderful huh?

I’m so excited for her to finally be able to feel ‘normal’. My sister said she doesn’t want Kara to be any more beautiful than she already is. I agree too, but I want her to have at least a fighting chance in High School. Kids are mean enough, give them a missing tooth teenage girl to torment and they will be in heaven.

Hopefully by the end of summer she will be much closer to ‘normal’. I can’t wait for her to walk into a room and know NOTHING is stopping her from being all that she can be.
She is so much more than I ever could have been at her age. She’s fearless going up on stage with the leading role. Can you imagine how she will be when she can smile without fear?

I can’t wait for the day when that boy, you know the one…we all had one, comes up to her to try to give her the time of the day and she says, ‘Yeah. Right. You were so mean to me in school, why would I even talk to you?’. Then I hope she remembers all the guys that did treat her with respect and some dorky guy gets the heart of my daughter.

Yeah, this is coming from the woman who is skeptical of ‘happy endings’.

So this is the week build up to the surgery. Roll with me people, just roll with me.

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  • DocRob

    She’s going to be more beautiful than she already is…im nervous for high school. And you’re so right..kids, especially girls are so incredibly mean. I don’t understand why they must be so cruel..it’s so hurtful..

  • jana

    oh my gosh I had the EXACT same surgery in 8th grade!! I’m sure they’ve improved on oral surgery since then, but I had it and was so thrilled when that tooth finally came down.

    Boys are evil at that age, but they grow out of it fast enough. The one boy who tormented me the most in junior high committed suicide a few years ago, having been tormented himself, I guess.

  • Leane

    Go Kara! Sending good vibes that all will be just fine. And she’ll be glad when it’s over and can just enjoy the summer.( I just got back from my dental hygenist. She was brutal. But that’s just HER. )

  • sheryl

    Peaceful good wishes to Kara and to you, her loving mama.

    You’re a good mama, you know that? Lots of mamas aren’t around for the kids, and many who are have no idea what their kids are feeling and dealing with.

    Hope this week goes smoothly, and that the operation is also smooth and successful.

  • traci

    I understand the tooth thing. My oldest had to have one of those too. She definitely feels better about her appearance now. You are a good mom. I love that you understand and remember how it feels to be that age. Peace.

  • Lisa

    The surgery isn’t that bad (I’ve been in dentistry for nearly 20 years.) Of course, any surgery is bad when it’s you that is having it. It’s even harder when your kid is the one having it. She’ll do great and in a few months she’ll have a shiny new smile. We always want more and better for our kids than we had (or have); as a mom that is only natural.

  • Sonya

    Oh wow – I didn’t even know she was missing a tooth!

    This interests me since we just found out that one of our 5yo daughters appears to be missing an adult tooth also. At least that is what the x-rays are telling us. We are praying that the next x-ray tells us differently!

  • kimmyk

    As moms we want the same things for our girls. High school is such a scary place….we just want them to be everything and so much more huh? I think they’re going to be okay. I hope. Abbie’s all smiles now that she has her braces which surprises me really. She never smiled before because she was always embarrassed about her front teeth and the gap-but that’s changing. God help us our girls are freshman.

    Someone pass me the Xanax and the Jim Beam please. Thanks.

  • Liza

    i hope that the kids at school don’t already pick on her for her teeth. honestly, i don’t ever even notice her teeth in pictures becasue she’s so pretty anyway. her smile is amazing now, so i’m pretty sure we’ll be blinded after the surgery! but kara, if you read this, perfect teeth or not, it’s not what makes you you! we (meaning the blog readers) already think you’re a beautiful person inside and out!

  • Fantastagirl

    Good luck with surgery Kara – you will do great – and you will love your new smile! I know all about being worried about smiling – so I am so glad that you can fix this now…

    (I’ll be getting a new crown on my front tooth in September… so really – I understand.)

  • Arlene

    My baby girl has had to have oral surgery once, and needs it again, probably in Sept to pull baby teeth because they keep not falling out and causing her adult teeth to become impacted. It’s not ever fun, but it’s also not as bad as you think it will be while you sit in the waiting room…I know that so helps the anxiety :-(

  • Kathy

    one of the nicknames i had in junior high was ‘buck’. yes, it is true, i did have buck teeth and to this day, seriously, i thank my mom and dad for getting us (me and my sisters) braces.
    it changed our lives.
    she will thank you too.