Random and Odd

How To:

How to get me to stop yard work in a super second: Add one VERY large black widow under the dog bowl.

“Why did you take pictures of it instead of killing it?” he asks.
“Oh, I did…well, your dad did…I just took pictures of it first.” I answer.

Did you know that a puddle of bleach will not kill a black widow? I size 9 shoe will.

** Update **

Shea came into my room and said she was fweaking out about spidows. She saw me uploading the picture earlier and now all she can think about is spiders. She even informed me that one crawled on her in the bathroom.
Motherly instinct (aka: the ability to lie on the spot) kicked in and I told her to follow me to the bathroom. I looked on my shelf and I grabbed a bottle of Bath and Body Works-White Cotton Glimmer Lotion and managed to convince her that there was something in the ‘glimmer and glittery’ part of the lotion repels spiders and flying bugs.

“Why do spiders not like glitter?”
“I don’t know, Honey.”
“How do you know?”
“I looked it up on the internet.”

That seemed to be the confirmation that she needed. Why can’t everyone just take that type of reasoning for everything I say?
“Go clean your room.”
“Because I looked it up on the internet and that is what it said.”
“Alrighty then, if the internet said so…”