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The Rules:

On Monday or Tuesday I will post 3 items. 1 item. On Friday you post your picture of the ‘stuff’ listed.
Come back and let me know you played by posting a comment on my blog. Everyone that plays will come and visit (or at least I hope they do)

This game is for everyone. Encourage your players to play and comment on your blog if they played so you can get to know your readers. If you want to send them over here to let me know they played, Great!

Feb 2nd 2007



It could be a ‘button’ nose, butterscotch ‘buttons’, clothes buttons, button/pins, button flowers…you decide. Feeling creative?

( I even updated the SPF page)

Yes, I know…you’re all waiting for something worth reading. I’m getting there. I can write about my new glasses, my head not hurting so much, Shea-isms, the fact that I cleaned my freezer today….but BORING.

Tomorrow I want to tell you all about the lady that I have decided is my ‘driving nemesis’. She seriously needs driving lessons and should not be driving a big SUV.
I’m going to bring a sneaky camera to school tomorrow and videotape the horribleness that is her driving.

13 Responses to “SPF”

  1. Jessie Says:

    Except that it says Jan 2nd, I think you mean Feb 2nd. ;)

  2. Kami Says:

    Oooooh, get her driving on video. I HATE shitty drivers.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I’m looking forward to that video, is that sad of me? ;-) Glad your head hurts less, Kristine. Show us your glasses! I need new ones and could use some inspiration.

  4. Redhead Mommy Says:

    Totally off topic, but how were you able to covert your entire blogspot blog, past entries and all, over to a new blog? I’m thinking of checking out wordpress, but thought I’d lose all my old stuff.

  5. randomandodd Says:

    Jessie, what are you talking about? it says Feb… I mean comeeeee onnnnnn, like I have EVER have had a typo on my page before ;) hee hee.

    People that passed English in HS are freaking out and throwing fish and sour cream at their monitors.

  6. Jessie Says:


  7. Maria Says:

    I bet the Shea-isms wouldn’t be boring. ;-)

    I want to see the driver too. Please.

  8. Ninett Says:

    Hey! I found your website last week and I love it! Your home sounds like the funhouse that is my home. Soooo, I want to participate in your SPF but can I if I’m not a member? If not, how do I become a member?

  9. Army of Mom Says:

    Hey Ninett, anyone can play!!! I played today.

  10. Teena Says:

    Mine’s up :)

  11. Susan Says:

    I played…for the first time in a loooonnnnggg time!

  12. OddMix Says:

    I played today for the first time in a long time! Feels good to be back.

  13. marianne Says:

    Missed last week – we were away – but I played this week!