Random and Odd

No excuses…Okay, maybe one or two.

I know, it’s the loser way out by putting up a virginal picture of Shaun and hope that will get me by for a few days. No such luck, you guys continue to email me and ask me if I am feeling well or if my spleen has slipped out while urinating.

Yes I’m OK. No I’m not OK.

Tabitha and the baby are still here and instead of pulling out my hair and walking the backyard to find a spot I haven’t buried a body, I am finally feeling ‘normal’. It’s nice having an assistant mom to help run things and make sure the front part of the house is being manned while I reorganize my closet for the 21st time in 2 weeks.

Yes, you heard me right. Tabitha and I are doing good. She got her licenses and bank card the other day and I had to go in the bedroom and shut the door. I’m not ready for her and the baby to go. I actually cried at the thought of her not being on my living room floor in morning or hearing him laugh when she does her dorky voice at him.
The other night I went out with the video camera and I recorded it. Who would have guessed I would have not only taken in my husband’s ex-wife, but also value the friendship I have gotten from her being here. Certainly not me. I’m not ready for her to go. I’m not ready for the baby to go either. They leave on the 25th of the month and I know as the time gets closer I am eventually going to break down and sob. Or maybe she can piss me off before she leaves so we can avoid all the sloppy tears.

I promised myself to get myself back to writing and expressing what I am going through. That is why you all manage to find your way back here. You’re just waiting for me to snap huh?

My aunt keeps rollercoastering through the days in the hospital. My sister is better at keeping everyone updated on what is going with her.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • pegs

    am I really first at R&O? I must be dreaming…

    who says you can’t be her friend? I would give anything to be able to have a civilized conversation with Kelly’s womb donor…

  • Maria

    I don’t return to see if you’ve snapped. I return to celebrate how wonderful you are. Come here to sob out the injustice of Tabitha’s departure and I will cry with you.

  • Arlene

    I do keep haunting, hoping you feel better. You’re not the only one, but I know that doesn’t help for shit! Just know, you’re our fav blogger :-)
    I’m with Renee, we’ll all take turns on your floor, I’m always down for a sleep over!

  • dashababy

    I know you’ve had alot on your plate lately. You are amazing that you can find room in your heart for Tabitha and her kids.
    I haven’t been up to the hospital for a couple days now because I’m working but mom is diligent with her visits. Keep the prayers coming.
    Love you xoxoxox

  • No Dramas

    I think its wonderful that you and Tabitha were able to be there for each other in your times of need.
    Not that I wished for her to be hurt at all, but you both took a bad thing, and made a great thing out of it.
    As the saying goes you took lemons and made lemonade, now you both get to drink it, as a mixer of course :)

  • Connie

    Ah such a cute picture. I watched about 5 minutes of Wife Swap yesterday and thought about you being offered to do that. The woman on last night was the ugliest and most evil person I ever saw. I had to turn it off. This woman was bald and was just covered in tattoos and dressed like a clown. I hope you dont do that show.

  • sheryl

    This is such a sweet picture of you. I love it, and you. Smooches to the cute one in the picture.

    Oh, and I guess smooches to the baby too.

  • Jay

    I don’t know how I got here exactly, and we don’t have ANY reason to know each other. I hope I’m not like….intruding. Just that your images and words were…..intriguing.

  • Stacie

    I know I don’t comment here often though I read regularly…just wanted to say I’m thinking about you. Kept Woman said it best…
    It’ll all work out in the end.

  • Tabitha B

    Well, please allow me to chime in. I want to say it has been an honor to be invited as your guest. The baby and I will miss you beyond words! God never stops amazing me! Just when you think you have hit your rock bottom HE reminds you that you were never in control to begin with. I have said it a thousand times honey but will say it again, it takes an amazing woman to open her home to her husband’s ex and new baby! Not only did you take us in but mended me in my deepest need. You have been a rock and it has been a great pleasure to get to truly know and understand you! We will miss you terribly and no I wont talk about it because neither of us can stand the girly cry in which is bound to happen. As for pissin you off (lol) I could never insult the friend I have found in you. My utmost love and respect Kristine. I pray tha the Lord bestows blessings beyond measure for you outstanding badge of love you have showered us with….hugs and kisses!