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What’s up, everyone…Shaun here.  I know, you miss the boobs.  She’s actually doing much better, actually left the closet for the big, bad living room.  The laptop has returned and has been reunited with her.  They spent most of the afternoon bonding.  So you should have her back shortly.

Onto the assignment…………

One Ornament

We got this Random and Odd ornament last year and LOVED it.  It makes no sense whatsoever, so it’s front and center on the tree.  Santa with sequin pants and a feminine frog.  Now THAT’S Christmas.

Something Stuffed in a Stocking

Mooshu did NOT like this.  At all.

One Gift.

I’m not sure what this one is.  Kristine did all the shopping….or did she?  Since she’s probably due for an early surprise, I’ll let her open this one when she reads her blog.  When she reads this, she’ll probably want to look under the wash cloth on top of the PC.  Just a hunch….

Did you play?

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  1. Jenni Says:

    That ornament is totally random – I love it!

    I played! Happy holidays!

  2. SuZan Says:

    That ornament is PERFECT!

    Shaun you are so romantic…can’t wait to see what it is… it Kristine!

  3. SuZan Says:

    Oh…I played

  4. Army of Mom Says:

    Ooh, ooh, oooh. I’m number 4. Not bad.

    I played. Come looky.

    I wanna know what is in the yellow box!!!

  5. kate Says:

    I played!

    Yeah I totally played! Thanks for an easy one this week!

    Have a great holiday guys!

  6. Dawn Says:

    i played!

    Merry Christmas!

  7. RaeLeigh (bsg) Says:

    OOOOOOOH! Shaun you’re such a good guy.


    I’m just as bad with everyone else’s presents as my own. Yikes. :)

    I played!

  8. Samantha Says:

    Ok Kristine enough with the suspense…. What is in the freakin’ box???
    I played.

  9. delaine Says:

    That is one sick looking ornament! I love it!

    Such a tiny box for a porshe. Maybe just the keys are inside.

    I played too.

  10. Maria Says:

    That is one seriously funny oranment.

    Kristine, do tell. What was in the box?

    Glad you will be returning to us soon.

  11. Maria Says:

    Shaun, you Rock!

  12. Hemlock Says:

    That ornament is fabulous! A couple years ago (jeeze… probably 10!!! ouch!) my dad picked up an onion from some store. Seriously.. a Christmas onion ornament. There’s even a bow on top. It’s so weird.

    Oooooh, the suspense is killing me about that box!

    I played!

  13. william Says:

    Dude, Shaun, You are slick. I need to take lessons.

  14. Connie Says:

    Cute ornament. I played too. I bet that was fun getting the dog to stay still for the photo.

  15. Teena Says:

    A puppy in a stocking … I’d love it!!

    Mine’s up :)

  16. Michelle Says:

    Ohhhh what is in the pretty box. When you post again soon you must let us know!

  17. Kami Says:

    Pooor Mooshu. What’s in the box?

    I played!

  18. dixie Says:

    That ornament is just too funny and wrong on sooo many levels!

    Looks like I’m not the only one with a big case of the nosey’s! What’s in that box??

    I did not play.

  19. Lisa Says:

    That ornament is, um, different!

    I played!

  20. RWF Says:

    I love the ornament. I’m dying to know what’s in the box!!

    Oh yeah, I played.

  21. Kirsten Says:

    The box looks intriguing.

    Ornament is cool.

    Puppy in a stocking! so very sweet.

    I played.

  22. Andrea Says:

    Open it, open it, open it!

    And that ornament…it’s just so…random! and odd! :)

  23. Brooke Says:

    LOL at the ornament!

    Yet another person anxious to see what’s in that pretty little box!!

    Great SPF theme this week! I played!

  24. Michele Says:

    Awwwww a surprise in store! I played!

  25. Jana Says:

    That is a bizarre ornament.

    I played!

  26. Tutu Says:

    Wake up Kristine–open the present and give us a pic. BTW, I played too.

  27. The Kept Woman Says:

    Dammit….I’m like 546th and you still haven’t opened the box!!!! What is it!?!?!?!?!?

    LOVE the frog and Santa…kinda reminds me of Miss Piggy and Kermit…sorta…in a twisted way.

    I played!

  28. marianne Says:

    That ornament is, uhmmm… fascinating! LOL!

    Mine’s up!

    Merry Christmas! :)

  29. marianne Says:

    Oh wait – it’s the wrong link and it won’t let me change it.

    Here’s where mine is:

  30. Janet Says:

    I played! Merry Christmas!

  31. barnmouse Says:

    Awww….Shaun…that’s so sweet!!! When my husband gets home, I shall make him read this. HA!

    I played! (again finally!)

  32. san Says:

    Hey, how come it’s Friday morning and there are already 29 comments here?
    Well, I played!

  33. Lori Says:

    Great SPF! Great gift!

    I played.

  34. Julee Says:

    I don’t play very often, but I played today. Merry Christmas.

  35. Kelly Says:

    I played! Merry Christmas to you all!

  36. MrsDoF Says:

    Ya better watch out–Shaun the Sub is settling in fine and is well-liked by the readers.

    The ornament is exactly what I like to see in such a blenderized family. Reminds me of Miss Piggy and Kermit.

    I didn’t play. It’s been many weeks for me, but I sure do like looking at the others.

  37. shelli-b Says: