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SPF- Muse Myself

SomeTHING that inspires me:

We’re finally getting all professional like with our photography and loving it.  We keep pushing ourselves to produce better and better photos.  We’re investing in it, and having a great time as we get better.  When I look at our kit, I’m inspired by how far we’ve advanced….and look forward to moving on up!

Something I DON’T like to read about on blogs:

Fake Kids and Family

When Blake finished high school with a 5.7 GPA, he had the worst time choosing between  Yale and Princeton.  He finally decided to attend both.  His little sister Ashlii was not happy that she had to drive his hand-me-down Jaguar.  I can see her point though, it is black and does NOT do anything for her complexion.  But I don’t have to tell you people.  You know what I’m talking about…….

OK, I’ve been blessed with real people with real families and stories.  But I HATE reading about the perfect families with no issues.  First of all, it’s boring.  Second of all, its bullshit.  Give me barfing kids, stressed out parents, and boob talk.

Something that inspires me to write my blog:

This is where some of my best work has been done (bow-chicka-bow-bow).  This curse of a comfier than hell bed has sucked me in and forced me to blog my way out of it, and also has forced me to avoid it to face the mean world of daylight and cooking.  The laptop makes its way onto the bed(the video chat of Random and Odd is reserved for our paid members….sign up today), and the rants begin.

Did you play?

37 Responses to “”

  1. RaeLeigh Says:

    First AGAIN bitches!

    Okay I cheated. I just came over to c/p the instructions for this week. I have my photos but haven’t put mine up yet. :) But I am playing!

  2. Suzanne R Says:

    Second!! (Better than last week, at least.) ;-)

    Great SPF, Kristine. I think this week I sound real, if not my family. ;-)

    I played!

  3. delaine Says:

    Finally, I played this week. Tough assignment for me to grasp but it’s late and I did what I could.

    I love that picture of the girls. I want to read about stuff that I can relate to and hopefully, gain some insight into how others are dealing with the same problems/hassles. I guess that’s why I keep coming back to read your blog.

  4. Charmed1 Says:

    4th bitches!! Yeah I said it 4th!! Mines up!!

  5. Maria Says:

    Love the photo of the girls.

    And your photography inspires me. I thought we might see a photo of Shaun doing his night job as your inspiration ;-)

  6. barnmouse Says:

    OMG….Love the fake family paragraph!!! LOL I think I grew up near them….hated their guts! :P

    I PLAYED! :)

  7. san Says:

    Very nice SPF, Kristine!

    I played, too :)

  8. kim Says:

    i LOVE your photos, kristine and they inspire me!

    happy SPF. unfortunately i don’t have the time to play today but i’ll be back next week :)

  9. Tutu Says:

    Ok–I played but not sure if it is what you are looking for. No pics this week.

  10. Lisa Says:

    Wonderful portfolio you’ve got going on there. Totally pro!

    You keep it real, and I love that.

    I struggled with it, but I played. It’s good to be challenged! :-)

  11. Lee Says:

    I played – love the porn background music you’ve got going on this week!

  12. Army of Mom Says:

    For a change, Kristine is naughtier than me. *shaking my head* What is the world coming to? Good luck with the photography.

    I played this week.

  13. Teena Says:

    This was a tough one. Good pix!

    I played … mine’s up :)

  14. Hemlock Says:

    I am so happy that you’re doing something with your talent as a photographer. It’s really awesome.

    As for perfect families? “Second of all, its bullshit. “? Yeah, so true.

    I really wanted to play this week, but my schooling got in the way! Oh no! Have a great weekend Kristine and all, and I hope I’ll be able to play next week.

  15. William Says:

    You make an interesting point about Fake Blogs Kids and families and now I am curious to find out who you are referring to.

  16. Mainline Mom Says:

    You totally stole my camera idea! hehe j/k it’s more important to YOU than to me.

    I played.

  17. Tammy Says:

    Oh, how I love my bed. Right there with you, sister.

    I played.

  18. Jana Says:

    I haven’t come across any fake kids yet. I’ll have to keep a look out.

    I played!

  19. southernfriedgirl Says:

    There is no place I’d rather be than my bed. Fo sho.

    Yeah, the whole perfecto fam drives me too. It’s like “who the fuck has that life?”

  20. meritt Says:

    I did it! I did it! I played…. :)

    As for your photos and subjects – I don’t mind reading about the ‘good’ kids because I know there are truly families out there that have awesome great kids like that. I know I know – I’m a little jealous too… LOL. But I do know they exist and I don’t mind reading about them.

    I DO know there is a such thing as ‘fake’ kids though. Around 1998 when I was part of a couple “MOMS” message boards I ran across 2 different women that posted about ‘fake’ families and ultimately, for the emotional support they could get, said their babies died. They didn’t even HAVE children. (long story – but they were completely fake).

    Interestingly enough, although my bed and comforter are oh-so-comfy and I LOVE getting into bed at night, I spend NO other time in my room nor my bed. I like to keep it a sanctuary. ;)

  21. Sylvia Says:

    Beautiful pic of the girls ;-)
    And i love the first pic as well – your photography is one of a kind – you manage to capture emptions in people :-)

    I played!!

  22. Dave Vogt Says:

    I played, and it’s not even afternoon yet!

    I definitely agree with you about fake blogs.

  23. SPF: Muses · Blog Archive · davedot dot com Says:

    […] As another week draws to a close, I turn once again to Kristine for interesting ideas for things to photograph. This week’s Stuff Portrait Friday is about muses. […]

  24. Kami Says:

    OMG. I love your fake family post. CRACKED ME RIGHT UP!

  25. christie Says:

    I played

  26. Connie Says:

    As always it is great. You are my inspiration. I played.

  27. Lori Says:

    People with fake kids and family are either deluded, lying or will be getting a karmic wake up call sometime.

    I played.

  28. Jamie Says:

    Great ‘meme’ this week. You really had my brain working!!

    I played!!

  29. ute Says:

    I played!!! that was fun!!! love your girlsfight picture! :-)

  30. Janet Says:

    love the first picture :-)

    I played!

  31. Sue Says:

    I can’t seem to change my name from “Sue” to “Archie’s Beard”. Perhaps later I will tinker with things. Ah, anyway, I did play. This was the first one in a while I have been able to play, and I didn’t even take new pictures. They were all from my archives. Does that count? Oh well if it doesn’t. And you’re right barfing kids are better to read about.

  32. Archie's Beard Says:

    I thought I just published a comment, but anyway, I played today.

  33. OddMix Says:

    Paid members?!?!?!? How the heck did I miss that? I wanna join. I know I missed the wedding shower and all but c’mon, pleeeeeeze cut me a break and let me join!

    Oh, and I skipped again. Shoot. As busy as I am these days I am having a hard time remembering to play my own photo game. Oh, well.

  34. Suzie Says:

    See all this time I thought blogs were only for people with issues…..”perfect people” have them too? Hmm, I haven’t found any of their sites yet ;-)

  35. Charlotte Says:

    Ha! The fake families are the WORST when it comes to The Christmas Letter, but I happen to be an expert. I’d be happy to translate for you…

    Blake is clearly in prison for selling drugs. They’re claiming he’s attending 2 colleges to explain his absence at functions for the next 4-6 years.

    Ashlii was not happy with the Jaguar because it didn’t have a big enough back seat. She needs something bigger so that she can continue to turn tricks in the parking lot, so they bought her a Hummer. See how that works? They buy her a Hummer, she gives them for money. It’s almost poetic….

  36. Kate Says:

    Your pictures are beautiful as always!

    I love blogging from my bed as well!

  37. Irish Church Lady Says:

    Alas I did not play this week because it hurt my brain or I had too little time but good job for the ones that did!

    Sign me
    Blogging.from. my. bed.recuperating.from.the. week.and.I.think.I.feel.a.sore.throat.coming.on. ICL