Dashababy,  The Fonz

For you to understand…

There is no way to express to you how bad my hair looked before my sister did it Saturday morning.

I found a picture of me that I took when a bunch of friends and I went out to dinner.
I cropped the picture. I removed the red eye. I tried to remove most of the picture to avoid a full shot of myself. (I looked like a hockey player in full uniform, I swear I looked THAT big!)
I deleted the picture.

I just want you to know that I looked like Roseanne Barr on a bad hair day.

And the new me:


I keep catching reflections of myself and I say, “Ooh, I’m a blonde again!”
I like it, and I am happier.

My weekend with my mom and sister was great! I laughed harder than I have laughed in ages.
I wish for everyone that reads my blog that you have someone like these two women. This would be the greatest gift you could have.
I would be lost…LOST without them.


We went to lunch and the hostess that sat us down said, “Are you all related? You look so familiar!” I think she was trying to say that we all looked similar. We do…and I am blessed to be swimming in the same gene pool.

My Mommy

Wouldn’t you love to be related to a woman that can laugh so hard she cried? She had me laughing that hard too. I had tears running down my face because making her laugh is the greatest thing anyone could experience. Her laugher is real, and I can’t remember a time I have heard her ‘fake laugh’.

Good Weekend Pinpointed:
  • Mom & Sister time
  • Fabulous new hair-do
  • Awesome dinner from Outbacks Steak house
  • Laughter until you cry
  • I finally got rid of the underwear!

Oh I haven’t told you the story of the ugly black underwear have I?

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  • Mrs.Strizzay

    Blah I am all alone and my mom is cool, but not in that kinda way. It sucks being here in NY with no relatives nor super cool pals. Sigh. Here is an umbrella, sorry to rain on your parade.

  • little sister

    Gorgeous hair, chica!!!

    Will your mom adopt me? Maybe I could be her adopted neice – I’m probably too old to be her daughter ;-)

    Mi hija bonita and I have been known to giggle hysterically for so long that we forgot what was funny. Then we remember and start giggling again.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you my sweetie…
    My cheeks are still hurting from all the laughter we had this weekend your sis and I was in deep need of our Kristine fix but just seems like it was so short wished you and shawn could of stayed longer. I read Shawns blog, I wanted to leave him a comment but he don’t take any Anonymous, I had to wipe the tears out of my eyes and swallow the lump.what a nice Valentines day he made it. That was so sweet what he said about my girls you and your sis makes me what i’m today, So much Love from you both… and yes to all of Kristine’s internet friends can call me Mom too. Happy Valentine day to All…. Love Mom “The Fonz”

  • Anonymous


    How great that you had a nice weekend with the girls!

    how ’bout just sayin have a good ‘regular’ Monday?