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You don’t realize how much you miss something until it’s not there. -some sappy 80’s song

My sister-mom’s second favorite daughter- God bless her soul, is probably afraid to answer the phone as of late.

“Hi. It’s me again.”
“Hey, you going outside for a smoke?” She asks.
“Yep.” I sigh as I try to come up with something new to talk about for the 4 minutes it takes for me to smoke a Marlboro Light.
“Sooooooo….” She’s awesome at coming up with something we haven’t talked about in the 5 conversations we have already have had today. It always starts with, Soooooooooo.
“Where’s mom?” I ask because even though she is mom’s second favorite, she always knows where she is.
“Home. Did you try to call her?”
“Yeah, right before I called you.” I always call mom first, I’m starting to feel like a complete idiot having to call my sister every time I go out to smoke.

I need to either quit smoking or find another poor soul to drag out to the front porch with me.

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  • dashababy

    funny you should say that because i really think we need to stop, no, i know we need to stop. besides i think it has gone out of style anyway. its a bad bad habit, i know. diana, went on the patches on monday.

  • Pissy Britches

    Oh god..I hate to talk on the phone. Here’s what I do. My husband says I shouldn’t smoke at all…Since we don’t smoke in our house I put my coat on, go outside, take 3 or 4 really quick puffs and put it out and run back in the house because I am freezing my ass off. You should try it. Why not waste them..they are only 3 bucks a pack right?
    Yes..I am a dumbass.

  • little sister

    We all should quit, but if I’m ever in your neighborhood, I’d be happy to join you on your front porch. I can bring herb tea or tequila or both . . .

    and lol @ “just 3 bucks” per pack, Stephanie! I remember when they didn’t even cost a dollar ;-)

  • Anonymous

    I actually stopped calling people when I go outside. My sis said, “oh, smoking AGAIN?” one too many times…witch.
    They are in the area of 5-6 bucks a pack here in NJ. I sooooooo need to quit.
    I actually read while I am outside. When it’s too damn cold I am in the garage.

  • Colleen

    I am with CM. Those damn things KILL.
    Of course, when I was younger, I smoked the wacky weed, but you only needed a little and you got a lot out of it.
    I am not condoning weed, by the way. It has its evils, too.