• Wedding

    Here Comes The Flower Girl…..

    You all modivated me to go out and have the girls try on some dresses.

    Thanks Everyone…we didn’t buy any, but tried on EVERY SINGLE DRESS in the store.

    I’m pretty sure the sales lady lost chunks of hair and is now at home drinking Jack Daniels straight from the bottle!

  • Wedding

    My Big Fat Geek Wedding…

    wedding magazine

    In my unplanned wedding, I already know who the brides maid, maid of honor and flower girls are.

    My four girls.

    In every single wedding book I have, it has beautiful dresses for the brides maids, and they would lovely on my daughters IF they had a C cup and legs for days. Neither one do, but they don’t want attention drawn to that fact either.
    The only other dresses in these magazine’s are for flower girls. Those dresses are cute for my two little flower girls. Alyx and Shea. “Cute” isn’t exactly the look the two older ones are going for.

    I need to find a dress that will make a two 13 year olds look respectful, beautiful & not like they are going to hop on a Harley after the ceremony and head off with guys named Billy and Chuck.

    When I go online looking for brides maids dresses I get lost in the sea of satin and chiffon.

    Mission One of Plan my wedding is to find some links with decent brides maid type of dresses.

    Today, to avoid anxiety attacks and passing out in my own drool, I am going to go see a doctor.

    Thanks everyone…and good luck not getting attacked by the lace on your mission!